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Webinar - Zoom Event

Starseed Mediumship

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Starseed Mediumship
Starseed Mediumship

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15 sie 2023, 19:30 – 21:30 GMT+1

Webinar - Zoom Event


O wydarzeniu

Learn The Art of Starseed Mediumship

Throughout the years of my work, I have met many starseed humanoids who are deeply lost or confused about their purpose or who long for some form of reconnection with their starseed family. Often Starseed feel lonely, misunderstood and lost in a world they find really difficult to relate to.

It was during a psychic mediumship reading session with one particular client five years ago that I realised that mediumship isn’t just about contacting loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world. During this psychic mediumship reading a starseed guide made their presence known and wished to reunite my client with their starseed family. It was a very insightful reading because it opened up a whole new world of remembrance for my client and an awakening to the possibilities that lay before them here on Earth. My client left feeling a completely changed person and it was this which brought me into teaching starseed mediumship.

Often mediumship is considered as talking to dead people. However, mediumship, for me, means being the mediator between your client and someone else. This someone else can be a guide, an angel, an ascended master, but it can also be a starseed family member or guide of your client too.

Whilst many people get confused about channelling and mediumship, realistically, it’s all energy. It’s only the purpose that is different. For example, a psychic works intuitively with the energies of someone who is alive. A medium or a channeller is someone who works with the realm of spirit or beings in the astral realm.

The aim of a starseed mediumship reading is to provide your client with information about their starseed family or guide and provide them with a starseed spiritual assessment. Having a starseed mediumship reading assists earth-bound star seeds in understanding their starseed abilities and helps them find focus, purpose, validation and empowerment.

So in this programme, we will explore the difference between working with star seeds psychically and on a mediumship level. We will look at areas of information that help you create an anchor point for your client so that they leave their session with you feeling encouraged, cle