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Why Some Prophecies Don't Come To Pass

Channelled Message: Ascended Master El Morya

Hi Guys,

Whilst going through my old files, I came across this channelling from 2012 and felt it would be nice to reshare with you all. It still has guidance which we could all take something from.

Looking back now over those years, I can see how much I have truly grown and that by taking 100% responsibility for all that unfolds in my life, I can see how I am the source from which all of my reality is birthed.

It is quite natural at times to feel very lost, perhaps losing faith in yourself in spirit, but once you realise that it is our thoughts and feelings which manifest our reality, when we begin to change that, we are the ones which determine which prophecies and dreams become manifest.

With love
Jill xx

El Morya: Blessings! I must say, finally, thou hast lifted my spirit and I am filled with joy. Dost thou forgive me? Whilst I know that thou still doubts my intentions, I hope in time to allay thy concerns. At times, in order to make peace, many truths must be spoken, and one must be open and accepting of the fact that every experience contains a morsel of spiritual enlightenment, and during such experiences, one must not, nay, must not ignore, the lesson at hand.

It would help me greatly if thou would learn to open up more, as with time, you, yourself, must grow, dear lady, and channelling our information in the way that you do, must also evolve.

Jill: What do you mean El Morya?

El Morya: Well, thou should talk more, as you would unto a friend, do not hold back from us your fears, your doubts, your concerns. Speak to us child, what is on your mind, and then we will do our best to bring the words of comfort.

Jill: But El Morya, I felt so let down, I can’t understand why, having gone through all the pain of watching my father die of cancer, I must now face yet more fear, doubt and yes, anger too, at what is happening in our lives. Trying to find the silver lining in a very black sky, doesn’t always work you know.

El Morya: I do so understand my dear, but you must remember, as Metatron has said, whilst being human holds many joys; you are also limited in seeing everything in its entirety. We have, for as long as I have been in communication with you, spoken of the need to address diet and such matters. We do not have the power to enforce you to do anything. Therefore, when we speak of such things, we do so, again, and again, in the hope that the seeds of understanding are sown.

It is also important to remember that years of abuse is akin to karma. The piper must be paid eventually. A soul chooses many ways in which to experience life, and the experience is always unique, just as much as the soul is unique. Cancer is a serious symptom, that your body cannot continue with the fuel and lifestyle that it is currently experiencing. Like a car, if you continue to run it into the ground, it is a well-known fact that eventually it will break down.

It is also important to realise that our role is to encourage you all to rely on your own abilities for achieving and manifesting the life you experience. We have to leave you to be free to choose, so that your choices empower you and help you to progress your own development.

Hast thou thought of the benefits you have had from such guidance? Hast thou considered that our wisdom is the ultimate gift we can give, to help you through everything you choose to experience? Within your sphere of existence we ensure other souls are nearby who are willing to support you unconditionally. Sometimes those lessons involve the dissolution of fear, which once gone, can initiate you into yet another exciting chapter of your evolution.

Jill: But El Morya, sometimes the guidance speaks of things that never happen; it makes us doubt the reliability of spirit. Most of the time the words ‘free-will’ are thrown back to us, and like a record that keeps playing, you begin to get fed up of hearing the same excuse.

El Morya: Hast thou considered how many times we have guided you to do things, and then you have completely ignored our guidance? Just like you, others are guided into certain doorways of opportunities, and sometimes instead of going through those doors; they walk on by, blind as a bat. How many times do you guide your children with the aim of helping them, to only find they haven’t taken the least bit of notice? Sound familiar? So it is within the sphere of our guidance. Hast thou ever held the intention to do something, determined you would do it, and then at the last minute, you have chickened out, or decided it isn’t worth it?

Sometimes God, light, the one-conscious energy, alters the energies, and this can impact upon the earth too, for the universes are about balance, and just as your planetary alignment can go a bit off course, so too can others, and therefore, sometimes to allow what should happen unfold, it may cause greater harm in the long term.

It is time, my dear lady, to recognise that it is within human nature to explore and question, but much of your unhappiness, and when one speaks to you, I do of course, include the rest of humanity, place too much upon expectation. Remember, energies affect other energies, and it is well known in the spiritual realm that humans need to find someone else to blame for whatever is going on within their lives.

In truth, they are steadfastly refusing to acknowledge their part in what they are experiencing. If I was to tell you of something that was going to occur, it is within your very nature to want to know when, where, why, how, what it will be like, and how you will feel about it. Humankind has forgotten the sacredness of life, and this ‘tis most sad, most sad indeed.

Within the spiritual realm we are, as you would say, between a rock and a hard place. If we do not tell of things that may come to pass, thou scolds us and asks why you weren’t informed. When we do advise you of things which may come to pass, and then they don’t, thou scolds us again, and asks us why you were informed.

It is time to see that it is not the spirit world which causes you such angst, ‘tis in how you choose to experience it. You want to be told things in your way, when you want it, in a way that you would like to hear it, at a time when you feel ready, but, my dear lady, the world is not yours; it is the kingdom of God, light, the one-conscious energy, and a higher law, a higher force determines, for you and also for me, what will be played out, and what will disappear into the ethers.

Remember that Metatron was teaching you to be forgiving about your childhood experiences. Just like your childhood experiences, in the now, thou still only sees something from one particular angle. It is not always possible to clearly see and understand the situation at hand. What you do have, however, is the ability to now bring wisdom into the equation, and seek answers before arriving at a decision. As a child, you could not do this, and so as a child you only saw, what you think you saw. You only heard, what you think you heard, and you only felt what you think you felt.

Jill: I still don’t feel comfortable El Morya. I feel as though my trust in everything, not just in spirit has been lost, but also in myself too. How can I become everything I was meant to be, if I don’t really know who I am? How can it be that I have got to the age I am at, and feel like I have always been just skimming the surface of who I am, and what life is?

It is one thing to say, you are what you think, but perhaps it is more a case of you are what you know, and if you haven’t been taught by fantastic role models, then you’re pretty much buggered either way. This is not me been negative, but a realist. We appear to continually be repeating and re-repeating patterns from our ancestors. Each family seems to carry an invisible curse, and I want, more than anything in the world, to help stop the rot; but how can I, when I don’t know how to stop my own rot? How can I stand up in front of people and help them, and yet fail so miserably with myself. Am I a fake?

El Morya: Nay, dear lady, nay. Hark; lend me thy ears and heart. When you are working with others; when you are speaking to others, you allow us to speak ‘through’ you. Some of those messages that you give, are not only for the person you are speaking to, but they also, at a soul level, resonate with ‘you’. So you are helping us, to help others. If you feel your life is failing, then it is because you are continuing to ignore what needs to be done, in the hope that things will eventually turn around. What you must be careful of though, is that the longer you live in denial about what you are not facing up to; the more painful it will be in the long run.

Part of life includes learning to recognise and balance your own emotional state, amidst experiences which sometimes threaten to drown you. The key is not to take everything so personally, it is something that is occurring on a universal level. When life is failing you, it is because you have failed to communicate your own truths, most of the time to yourself.

Jill: But El Morya, if spirit was so all powerful, why do you need me to speak to others?

El Morya: Because my dear, like you, they wouldn’t listen. If we descended from the heavens upon white horses, there would be no reverence for our arrival, because many humans lack the ability to honour the sacredness of all creation. Humans need human role-models. They need to be able to connect and see that, if it is possible with you, or others, then it may be possible for them too.

It requires the light-workers of the world to help highlight that the films and television programmes you watch, are packed with messages that show no respect for one another, or life. There is a virulent lack of spiritual teaching in your schools, which aim to promote the sacredness of life, and hardly any time is given to teaching the young how to honour themselves and others. If they are not taught this, they cannot give it unto others. There would be little respect, my dear, for our lessons, therefore things must change slowly. One day, yes, the time will come for us to once more walk amongst you, but for now you must continue to carry, as do other light-workers, the holy grail.

Jill: What do you mean El Morya, carry the Holy Grail?

El Morya: The Holy Grail is a code within your DNA. Many men have searched for the Holy Grail, and yet the sacredness, the power and the wisdom man sought, to have power over others, was within them; had they chosen to connect to the sacredness within themselves, and of all things created. To find the Holy Grail, means to fill oneself up with love, liberty, truth, grace and compassion. If you look back upon your history books, you will find, time and time again, those who had access to the Holy Grail, were sacrificed, tortured and murdered by those who did not possess the Holy Grail. Why? Because those who were ignorant of the true meaning of the Holy Grail were scared of the power it held over others. I urge you to think upon what I have said. I am, forever, at your service, anon

Just one last thing my dear, when life isn’t working out for you, be thankful that you are not married to a gong farmer.

Jill: A what?

El Morya: I shall leave to ruminate upon this, ha ha ha ha! Until the morrow!

[Note] After some searching here is the definition of a gong farmer... From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gong farmer (also known as a gongfermor, gongfermour, gong-fayer, gong-fower or gong scourer), was a term that entered use in Tudor England to describe someone who dug out and removed human excrement from privies and cesspits; the word "gong" was used for both a privy and its contents. Gong farmers were only allowed to work at night, hence they were sometimes known as nightmen. The waste they collected, known as night soil, had to be taken outside the city or town boundary or to official dumps for disposal, from where it might be taken to be spread as fertiliser on fields or market gardens.

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I have enjoyed this so very much, thank you.


Becky Prante
Becky Prante

Thank you so much for sharing this. Not only for the words regarding prophecy which was something I knew but a good reminder. For me the sharing of your doubts was so helpfully and hopeful for me at this time along my path. Thank you and Blessings.

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