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Mary Magdalane

Spiritual Salon … Jill is trance-channelling May Magdalene 27 August 2012

This is a transcript of our webinar which took place on 27 August 2012. The dialogue written is a mixture of attendees’ questions to spirit to facilitate questions and answers.

Mary Magdalene: Good evening, everybody. I am Mary Magdalene, and it is my pleasure to greet each and every one of you this evening.

I hope that you enjoyed the meditation that was brought forward to. It was chosen at this time to help centre and help you recognise how special each and every one of you is. As you move forward towards what you term as October, Autumn, just as the leaves shed and leave the trees and return back to Mother Earth, it is important for you all to realise that you, too are shedding things that no longer serve you. And whilst you are leaving things behind, I want you all to consider where you are at right now.

There are so many aspects of your life, your career, your relationships, your family, you, but I want you at this unique moment in time to truly think about the direction that you are going in.

Now it is not for us to tell you where you should go, but I want you to be more aware, particularly as we move towards the ascension process, of the things and the people you have around you because, as you know, the universe mirrors the inner thoughts; so I want you to look very closely at those who would represent, shall we say, those people that either you would aspire to be, or do they represent the direction in which you wish to go? Now, this is not about judgement. It is about recognising whether you are aligning yourself to an energy force, a collective consciousness, shall we say, that is helping you attain that which you want.

The people you work with, do they represent you, your beliefs, your values, your goals? Because if they do not, then they are heading in a different direction to you, and as we have said before, this is not wrong, but you have to ask yourself, “Am I surrounding myself with a collective energy that will help me get where I need to be?” Because my beloved ones, the ascension process is being willing to let go of what you know so far, and embrace the new. You have to ask yourself, “What am I willing to do to get me where I need to be?”

The ascension process, salvation, call it what you will, but the desire to get somewhere, to become somebody, is not a destination unless you make sure you have the equipment to get you there... and in life, you must work together collectively as a community, as a family, as a group of friends. And now more than ever you will see the sharp contrast of those who are not en route with you. Wish them well. Send them love. Keep in touch, but do not tie up your time if they counteract the direction in which you wish to go.

Often we are asked, why is it I fail? Why is it I do not have what I want? The long and short of this, beloved ones, is you do not do whatever it takes. You do not consciously choose to make the decision to go after your dreams. Think about where you are right now. Is this what you envisioned for yourselves? If it is, then that is good. But if it is not, why do you continually thwart yourselves by being with family, or friends, or colleagues at work, who put up hurdle after hurdle to stop you from being the best you can be?

It is so very important for all of you to be that beacon of light, because beloved ones if you have family, if you have children, and you do not invest your time following your dreams, you will teach your children to settle for second best. You will teach them to put up with relationships that are unfulfilling. You will teach them to accept jobs that do not value their skills, their personality, the qualities that they can bring.

Do not make excuses, “Oh yes, we have bills to pay, I have to pay the rent.” You have to be willing, right now beloved ones, to accept full responsibility and accountability for where you are. Only from coming from a place of what you know is true, can you change those things, and right now the world is crying out for change. It needs brave souls like you to start the process, to begin to move the energy from apathy into achievement. Don't say you don't know. Find out! Seek! Question everything and everybody you know.

Pool your resources together. Join in communities where you support one another consciously. Bring hope when folks are down. Enlighten where there is darkness.

You see the question of life is not ‘what is the purpose?’ it is ‘what is your potential?’ You can climb mountains. You can swim in the oceans. There is nothing that you cannot achieve, and we have said this so many times before.

Recognise the limits that you have allowed yourself to accept, and be very honest - that if your life is failing, it is not us that is failing you, it is ‘you’ that is failing ‘you’. Yes, you can be carried to the top of a mountain, but the sense of achievement would not be felt. God wants you to know how glorious, how strong you are, and how clever you are, but it begins with a dream. It may not always manifest in the way that you expect... but now you have within you the diamond heart, so you can see that what you think of as insignificant, is actually ricocheting around the world and creating true transformation.

Every time a situation comes up where you feel you are not getting what you want, take a step back, and ask yourself, “Have I done everything? What am I willing to do that will get me beyond where I am now?” Do not see life as a fight, but see it as something in which you are given the greatest challenge to overcome. Consider yourself the Sherlock Holmes of life. The puzzles do fit together, if you take time to step back and look at the clues around you.

Believe in yourself. If you do not believe in you, who will believe in you, beloved ones? If you do not shout out and stand up for you, who will fight for you, beloved ones? If you do not say, “I matter!” who will?

As someone who has been spat upon; betrayed; I realised I had put myself into that position. My thoughts, my actions, my behaviour had created the very thing I was receiving. Now I know some of you will say, “I know someone who will does not deserve to be treated that way.” But it is only through our strength beloved ones, through our sense of purpose, that we can truly achieve and become greater than anything we have ever known.

Never allow external things to determine your sense of self-worth. Never allow what is going on around you to say that you are failing. You see, you never fail. You cannot fail... Understand that if God's hand is guiding you, the other is holding you up. You cannot fail... You cannot... fail.

You may not see the glory of your words, the glory of your deeds. Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees, but know that a greater energy, a greater consciousness, far greater than I or you is ever unfolding. In unison like music, it follows a tune, its own tune, and we are notes, vitally important to the whole resonance of the music, and yet separately, we are still very important. So beloved ones, I am not here to lecture you, I am here merely with passion to get you to see the potential which lies in all of you.

Would anybody like to ask me a question?

Glenn: Mary, is that meditation to take the place of the one that you us gave before... that one we struggled with...?

Mary Magdalene: Yes, it was a little too advanced so we felt we would bring one that more people could... When I say advanced, it is not to interfere or to imply that others are not intelligent, but for people to get more benefit, it is better. You understand, yes?

Glenn: Yes, I understand, absolutely. And do you wish to give us a different title?

Mary Magdalene: I will converse. I shall ruminate on this.

Glenn: Thank you.

Mary Magdalene: You're welcome.

Glenn: For everyone else out there, this is an opportunity to ask Mary Magdalene a question, as long as it’s in alignment with the topic we have just talked about, or anything spiritual.

Mary Magdalene: So everybody is quiet yes?

So perhaps I then shall take control for once. For all of you who are listening to me, if you do not ask what is in your hearts, what is in your head, then I cannot help you, and the whole concept of us being here is to help you. There are a few of you out there who should now be moving forward with your skills. And doing more than you are doing with them. Rest assured beloved ones, we are upping the ante, so to speak. We are going to shake you from your beds, and make you wake up when you want to sleep. We are going to put you into situations where you will have to face your challenges, and step into the full empowered beings that you are.

Sonia, you must write. It is time you channel more often and make use of the channellings that are brought to you.

Martin, you cannot hide anymore; you must step forward and embrace what you know and what you feel.

It is time for all of you to serve the spirit and step up to the mark. It is not a coincidence that you are here. If you do not know how to start, then join and create a forum. Come together. Some of you now are writing books, but you need to go beyond the books. If you have to, create your own little spiritual churches, and unions, and invite whoever is willing to come and listen to you. Go out into the community, even into the churches of religion. Listen to what others have to say, not to convert them to your way, but get inside other people’s heads and share your beliefs. Plant seeds. Tell stories of your experiences. When someone is ill, offer to heal them. Ask them if ‘they’ would like to try. You must step beyond that which you already are.

So, do we now have any questions?

Glenn: Barbara has said that she feels as though you are encouraging us to leave responsibilities towards our families, in order to follow a spiritual path.

Mary Magdalene: you have to be willing to stand up for what you believe in, and at times, family do hold us back. When you choose to follow your heart, it does not have to detract from the love that you have for them, or they for you. True love is willing and being able to allow others to move forward and know that the relationship you have with one another will still be one of love. Life is always about choices.

Think about it. From the moment when you get up, you choose how to feel, in what order to wash your face, shower, and brush your teeth. You choose the underwear, the garments that you wear for the day. You choose, ladies, you choose the make-up, your perfume. You choose whether to make a cup of tea or have coffee, whether to eat a croissant or some cereal. You choose, constantly, the route that you are going to take to work. You choose the process all day of the jobs that you will do. You choose how to react to the calls of the telephone and the people you work with. You choose, when you drive home, how to allow your day to affect the mood for when you get home. So you see you are constantly choosing. You choose all the way up to going to bed, as to what time. So choosing doesn't mean you have to lose.

Choosing is saying, “I matter. This is so strong in my heart, and if you love me you will support me... and sometimes support means, just allow me to do what I need to do. It does not change the relationship that I have with you. It does not change how I feel about you, but I must follow my heart too.”

Does that make sense, Barbara?

Barbara: Yes, thank you so much Mary. I love your passion.

Glenn: Cath is stating that she is about to run a class, a spiritual class in the belief that she will get divine guidance on the spot. She asks if she is deluding herself.

Mary Magdalene: No! Bravo! Bravo darling, bravo. That that you feel inside you, that guides you, that you know within your heart, is guidance from God. It is only ego, and thought, and fear of failure, fear of being wrong, that stops you, and that is a physical, a physical emotion. Try if you can, to separate yourself from that. If you were not meant to do what you do, then nobody would come, nobody would listen. The first time Lord Sananda sat and chose to speak out, there were four people.

Glenn: As Jesus.

Mary Magdalene: As Jesus. So, if nobody turned up, then you know that this wasn't meant to be, but even if only, darling, one person turns up, that one person will grow to two, two to four, four to six. Sometimes it is better to build foundations very slowly, which is what is happening here. So you mustn’t allow the numbers to determine your sense of self-worth. Just because two turn up, does not mean you are not worthy. The fact that two turned up proves you are worthy. So do not be afraid, we shall be with you. And use your music too, to connect on heartfelt energy. I hope that has helped.

Cath: Bless you, thank you so much xx.

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