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Logos - Ascended Master Sanat Kumara

A Trance Channelled Message from the Ascended Masters

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”.

So many times, mankind has not truly understood this phrase. Before the Word, there must be a thought, and it is that thought, the energy you have given to thought, which is the Logos. Now you may wonder why I am speaking of the Logos, but it is important for those upon a spiritual path to recognise the importance of the Logos, for it is the language of the heart and soul. It is a universal language, which means the energy conveyed within the thought cannot be possibly misunderstood. In ancient times, and in many other civilisations not of this universe, the method of communication was, and is, telepathy, and it is through telepathy that true communication takes place.

Mankind has this gift, but many have forgotten how to communicate in this way. Telepathy is the language of the Angelic Realm, the Spiritual Realm; and when you can learn to communicate in this way, the energy of your thoughts, your emotions, are revealed. In other words, it is in truth. The spoken word gives mankind the ability to speak one thing, and mean something completely different. This is why there are so many humans who are incongruent with what they speak and really feel. That is, their words say one thing and their body language, through their unconscious feelings, say another.

It is important for you all to understand that words are more than just something you say. They are energy; and that energy is imprinted heavily upon the etheric level. Once you have said something, you cannot take it back. To prove what I say is true, perhaps you would try placing a balloon which has been filled with helium on the ground, leaving it for an hour; and then come back to retrieve it.

Of course, it will have gone, you will not know where it has gone, and you will not know how far it will have travelled. You will not know whether it has caused joy, or damage; and so it is the same with your words. The growing trend of the human language is becoming one of fabrication. Many of you measure your sense of self-worth upon how others see you, therefore exaggeration, trying to make yourself sound better than you truly are, is becoming a way of life for many.

When you talk to someone, I want you to begin to contemplate before you speak. Contemplate the feelings and the words you use, for the energy you send out will also determine what energy you receive back from the universe. The language of man, the spoken word, can enlighten, empower, glorify and uplift mankind, or it can incite anger, hatred, jealousy and wars. You can condemn someone, or set them free with your words. Therefore your tongue, is like a sword and you should use your sword wisely. Remember, "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword."

In the realm of spirit, we hear a lot of babbling; yes babbling. There are those who profess to be spiritual, and yet they talk without giving the slightest thought to what is coming out of their mouths. To speak of what someone else has told you, is a waste of energy, if you were not there. If you did not experience it, then you cannot tell someone else about this as though you are an authority on the subject you are speaking.

It is the same with prayers. Many babble out a prayer, muttering it under their breath, as though they are ashamed to be heard talking to the spirit realm and God. They think that muttering a prayer will result in a miracle, and unfortunately, I am here to tell you it is not so. If, and here is the big IF, my beloved ones, your words are not matched to your energies; if they do not carry conviction, then your prayers will be taken by the wind and cast aside.

When you meditate, when you pray or talk with us, you are generating energy on an astral and mental plane. When you think, when you speak, you are sending forth an energy. It is this energy, if your thoughts and emotions are congruent, which feed you spiritual sustenance. This energy re-charges your physical body, your emotional body and your spiritual body. Learn to recognise words are more than just utterances.

Have you ever thought how many times you have completely destroyed someone else with your words? Have you ever truly reflected upon the effects your words have had upon a child when you have shouted criticism, accusations at them, thinking you are only telling them for their own good, what (in your opinion) they need to hear. On the etheric level, on the emotional level and on the astral level, this strikes at the very core of creation. The energy, the intent of the words, have no beneficial energy. It plants seeds of doubt, inadequacy and begins to manifest failure.

Many humans are ignorant of the subtleties of words. They talk without thought, without intent, and this is something, if one is to become truly spiritual, a disciple must learn. You would be amazed at how many people we watch attend churches, festivals, spiritual events; they listen to what is being said, and then as soon as the learning is over, as they leave, they are back to babbling. Everything that they had just absorbed:, the spiritual energies, the spiritual lessons, are lost to the wind, because they did not take time to go into the silence, and reflect upon what they had heard.

Now for some of you who may interpret what I say as being told off, let me say to you, that it is not a criticism. My words are fact, and it is through my desire to help you, to help you know yourself and judge your degree of evolution, so can you can continue to move forward, that I hope you will realise the importance of the Logos, and the language you now use to communicate with one another. I ask you to be careful if you talk. Use it constructively and honestly. Think of others with gratitude. Take time to bless others for their good deeds, and not speak unkindly and focus on the things that are wrong.

If humankind gave more positive encouragement to one another, the manifestation of peace would come much more easily. Does this mean you do not speak out if someone has wronged you? No, it does not. The challenge for you, is to speak out assertively, confidently, without using your words to cause more harm, misery and suffering.

As an Ascended Master, I have walked in your shoes. The Ascended Masters in the spiritual realm are known as Ishim. We have, through trial and error, learnt everything that is needed to be known on planet Earth. Our role is to relay messages, guidance to mankind, through those who are destined to be as we are. We are an integral layer of energy between mankind, the angelic realm, and the higher realms. Therefore I know how hard it can be to attain spiritual light, whilst held in a physical body, but beloved ones it can be done.

In the past, Archangel Metatron has suggested that you obtain two plants. One you water and feed, but leave alone, the other, you water, feed and talk to lovingly. Even though a plant does not have a heart, and it does not have ears, it feeds on the energy surrounding it. If you do as Archangel Metatron has suggested, you will see proof that the plant you speak to lovingly, will grow strong, yield more flowers and fruits, than the one that is left just to exist on water and sunlight. It is the same when one speaks to a child, or to strangers.

Lord Sananda, Jesus Christ, was not only a great healer, he was a wordsmith. He used his words wisely. He spoke in parables. For those who truly desired enlightenment, they would take time to connect with the Logos of the words. For those who did not desire enlightenment, they would remain in the dark, without understanding of what had to be learnt. The whole purpose of your life is to know yourself, for you and the universe are made up of exactly the same things. When you know yourself, you will know the universe and you will know creation.

Take it upon yourself to begin to purify your thoughts. Ensure that your thoughts, your emotions, are aligned to your words. Make a resolution to learn to control yourself, so your words carry divine energies. The Egyptians believed that when you died, your heart would be weighed against a feather. If your heart was light, you would move on to the spiritual realm. In some way this story is useful, for the more spiritual you are, the more light you absorb, and the easier it is for you to ascend. But to become more spiritual, requires discipline. It requires meditation. Your actions, your words, should resonate with what you hold to be true in your heart. Prayer alone, thinking briefly of love and light, asking the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, to restore harmony to Mother Earth, will not effect change. The change has to occur upon the Earth plane, in the hearts and minds of mankind.

We can bring messages of encouragement, but far too often, humankind listens, smiles, thinks it’s wonderful, and then goes back to babbling, and doing little to effect change.

Reading spiritual guidance, listening to spiritual guidance, will only get you so far. So beloved ones, I ask you all to contemplate prior to speaking, to acting, to making decisions. ‘Become’ the love and light you seek from us. Show your spirituality through your deeds; and then, maybe, just then, you can achieve, as above, so below, Heaven upon Earth.

Be of the light.

Ascended Master Sanat Kumara.

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