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Look at the following image and choose ONLY ONE image that resonates with you.

If you cannot find an image to choose, don't force it. Accept the timing isn't right for you to have this reading right now. If, however, you have chosen an image, then scroll down below to discover what your angels want you to know about the coming year.

Number 1 - Last year has left you feeling a little unsure of what life will hold for you however 2021 promises to hold the opportunity for a completely new rebirth and new opportunities. The angelic realm asks that if you can, let go of logic and trust in your angels to guide you to the most perfect spot to set down roots and begin anew. The dreams you thought could never come true are now possible. You are asked to remember that you are super-sensitive to energies therefore use your sensitivity to your advantage. You were given this ability for a reason so rather than see it as a hindrance, see it as a blessing and a constant connection with the divine. If you have been wanting to move house, strike out on your own, set up a new business, begin a family, or settle into a long-lasting relationship 2021 is the year for you to accomplish all this and much more.

Number 2 - Over the last few years, you may have lost people who are, or were, dear to you through one way or another. The angels tell me that during 2021 your focus needs to be on family, relationships and building back up a network of close friends. You may feel lonely, isolated or that the person you always depended on is no longer there, but your angels are saying after the past few years you’ve had it rough.

Recognise it is time for you to take pleasure in those things you do, with those who are important to you. 2021 is the year to tap into and rediscover your own playful nature. Rather than looking afar, the things you need right now are closer than you think. The simplicity of just being with others, sharing laughs, good times and talking is what you need. Your angels have seen what is in your heart and they are bringing in this year, new people and new chances to add to your existing circle of friends and family, or they will bring you new relationships that will mean something to you in the many years to come. Your angels hold you in their love and remind you that even though you long for someone or some people, who can no longer be with you physically, know that they are still very much alive in your heart and connected to you through the divine presence of spirit.

Number 3 - Last year you felt as though you were caught in a never-ending loop. Similar to a ground-hog day you probably wondered if things were ever going to change. 2021 has brought you to a point where spiritually you are ready to see and understand the essence of who you really are. You have grown so much over this coming year, 2021 is now waiting for you to use what you have discovered to branch out and make things happen. Finally, you will be able to think more clearly and you will be able to walk your own path doing what you want. You will find this year that you will probably need your own space to do what you need to do. This doesn’t mean you will be lonely, but on a spiritual level you will now be ready to take a new direction and with your heightened sense of intuition, everything will tie up nicely before 2021 fades into the past. This is your year to make your mark so don’t waste it and don’t allow others to stop you in your tracks. Think things through and stand strong in your dreams. Don't be afraid to walk away and start again.

Number 4 - 2020 has been a really tough year and despite your optimism, you have had some hard knocks in your life and yet, your angels want you to see how through it all, you have survived. You are such an inspiration to others and you often spend more time sharing your light with others, rather than thinking of your own needs. 2021 now heralds for you an end to conflict. You have seen it all, done it all and this year it is time to pay attention to what you want and what you need. You already tend to know what is intuitively good for you, so your angels ask you not to feel guilty about making things happen that help you have what you want. There could be a couple of new additions to your life in one way or another. This can offer you two different and completely opposite paths upon which to walk. Alternatively, if you have been looking at doing something that needs to happen in two stages, then again, this is a sign from your angels that 2021 is the year to say “YES” and reap the rewards.

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