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Starseed Energy Reading

Choose an image that a resonates with you, then find the corresponding number to receive guidance from spirit.

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1) Sirian energy is working to help you develop greater spiritual communication. Sirian guides are waiting to help you and they ask you to spend time in meditation and calling upon them for support. You are transiting now into 5D energies, this means your ability to channel and work with energy is increasing. Even if you do not feel you can channel, you are called forward now to release your fear of expression and work with the Sirians for greater intuitive expansion.

2) Your energy needs to be directed towards resonating the frequency of love and compassion for a major transition is at hand. The energies of birth and death are aligning you with Arcturian energies, you are called to focus on your talents and give birth to them. Looking through your life you will see your life lessons have been trying to help you see your potential and have belief in yourself, by calling upon the Arcturians for support, you will find everything coming together. Yes, something’s may have to leave, but new things will replace the void they leave. Embrace your connection to all things at this time and believe in your ability to shape your own destiny.

3) You are undergoing a genetic refinement, you have the ability to feel what is happening in the lives of other people, this is a Pleiadian skill and your ability to feel on an intuitive level is deepening to such a point, that you will be able to feel on a holographic level and see things for what they are. You are asked to tune into your choices, to see how time and illusion have affected your choices. It is time to trust your intuition and act upon your conscious guidance. You have a greater purpose than what you currently see. Be aware that your current choices will have a greater impact on your future, be sure to call upon your Pleiadian guides to assist you in making the right choices. You are about to realise that what you do, think and are, affects not just you, but serves a higher purpose, therefore balance must be your main focus at this time.

4) You are currently being aligned with Vega energies to help you overcome feelings of self-limitation. It is possible you may be feeling controlled, limited, you may be experiencing a roller-coaster of emotions but if you stay very still, you will realise these are all illusions and that if you tap into your inner light, you will see you are being offered an opportunity to experience spiritual liberation and awakening. Your issue is that you spend too much time looking for validation, or proof of spiritual guidance. If you stop looking for validation and just be the insight, the guidance will all flow to you. You can transform your life by just being still, learning to stop controlling can be a painful lesson, but once it is learnt, you will find how easier everything is. Light only has to be still to be seen, so let go and be still.

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