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Christmas Higher-Dimensional Reading

Greetings, the guidance that comes through each image is important for your soul’s growth at this time. Please note that if you selected more than one number, then the readings will not work for you, as you are trying to take on too many soul tasks and that is not the intention of this particular reading. If you were unable to decide, then the reading is not meant for you. If you were drawn to more than one number and chose two or more, again the same principle applies

Within this particular reading, the vibrational words will unlock further ascension codes within you, but ONLY if you have chosen just one number. Archangel Metatron is adamant that you cannot choose more than one image to align yourself to. Even though you may think that more than one applies to you, according to Archangel Metatron you are not focusing on mastering depth in a particular aspect of your spiritual growth and therefore you will not experience anything from the word vibrations given.

What follows are the messages from the different principles who will have an impact on your soul’s development over the next 12 months. The words and emanations of energies from messages are important, even if they do not necessarily mean anything to you, or you do not understand them. The spiritual energies of the words will over the next 24 hours anchor themselves into your being. It would be to your advantage to read the words silently and then again out loud. You may have vivid dreams, or memory recalls over the next couple of days, but don’t worry this is all part of the timeline recalibrations that are taking place within the multi-dimensional universes at this time.

Kindest Regards

Jill Harrison

(1) THE SIRIAN CONNECTION – You are moving nearer to your authentic self at this time. A past life as a healer in Egypt/Atlantis is within you and the time of awakening is upon you. Symbols, hieroglyphs will all begin to encode you so that you can remember your ancient healing wisdom. For some time now you have chosen to compartmentalise your life and yourself, one role in a particular arena, a different role in another. The term self-emergence is upon you. Healing yourself and relinquishing the past is important for you during 2017. You must allow yourself to blossom into the light being that you are. You must no longer be afraid of revealing your true nature, and you must once again learn to value the innate power you have. In past times you have been afraid to work with the light. You have known it was, there but you have only connected with it on a shallow basis. Immerse yourself in the light. You come from a family of Ancient Sirians who helped to seed humanity. During the new year, you will be working with the Egyptian energies of Thoth who was known as the principal God of Healing and Khonsu who was known as the bestower of healing. If you wish to know and recollected your ancient wisdom this Ancient Prayer will assist you.

O Khonsu, of bright appearances,

Mighty one of healing

Thee do I invoke to be with me now

Thee who banishes all ills

Thee who conquers sickness and afflictions

Thee who banishes strife and woe

O Khunso, Traverser of Centuries

Beloved by millions

Bright One in Thy Shrine

Cast open thy doors before me

Illumine my soul with thy light, reach deep into my spirit and heal all my afflictions

O Khonsu only you can banish into eternity the ills that are upon my soul, make me sound of body, clear of mind, pure of soul and bright in my spirit’s appearance.

O Khunso, who comes at the call of those who are sincere as I am now

I am humble before thee and acknowledge thy Majesty, and seek to be with Thee and a part of Thee

O Khonsu, bless me with thy gift of healing so I too, may heal the sick of body, of soul, of spirit.

Lift me up O God of Light; smile upon my countenance and kiss me with they Breath of Health, that I too, may know Thee, know Thy grave, know Thy Ways.

O Khonsu, hear me, I beseech thee, for I come to thee and make supplication at thy feet, thy shrine and I praise thee in my heart forever.

Hail to thee, o glorious healer

Anetch Hra-ku Khons Heh

Honour the energy of this gift that has been offered to you. DO NOT REPEAT THIS PRAYER IF YOU DID NOT CHOOSE THIS NUMBER, IF IT IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU, IT CAN DISPLACE YOUR ENERGY FIELDS. If you chose number 1, this will help you to reconnect with the Sirian healing wisdom that was kept hidden within you until now. Repeat it prior to meditating, or sleeping, it will enable you to bypass time and connect to your multi-dimensional teachers.

(2) MOTHER MARY – COMMUNION - I come to you accompanied by the Angels of Light. For the coming year I shall be over-shadowing you. The coming year will offer you many opportunities to expand your consciousness. In so many of your incarnations you have never really felt at home on Planet Earth. Your perception of being separate from source, light, God has many times mislead you, and hindered your progress.

During the coming year you will be thrust into a series of lessons, that will help you to begin to see there is no such thing as separation, just oneness. The trials and tribulations, the joys, the ecstasies, will all come about in an effort for you to begin to experience life outside of time, outside of space. Instead you will be asked to expand your communion with all things, to feel its vibration, to feel and see the similarities of what you are interacting with, and the lessons it brings to you.

Your soul during the coming year desires to connect and understand oneness. You may believe at this time that this is not possible, but beloved one it is. You are multi-dimensional, and as such the opportunities I bring to you today, and over the next 12 months will assist you in stepping outside of human perception and to see the energy of everything before you. Creating, self-expression, and meditation all of these will be key to your development over the next twelve months. I and the angels of light will connect with you in an energy communion, so that we can infuse you with our energies.

During your time with me as your teacher and overseer, be aware this is a time for gentleness, a time of stillness and a time of balance. When you fail to see connection with all things, imbalance, stagnation and blocks will be perceived or experienced. When you see the oneness in all things you will experience balance, flow, growth and attainment. Divine stillness enables clarity. When you enter into divine stillness with me, you will hear words of guidance. You will feel and know the next step to take, and you will see before you, that as everything is one, the only essence you need to hold is love. Through love; peace, fulfilment and harmony will be yours. Your task is to see beyond the illusion of separation. The way to feel the connection is to share your thoughts, your heart and your energies with others.

The energy matrix of your over soul is recalibrating. You have a greater purpose, so even though you do not feel you are doing much, or not enough, do not diminish the work that you do. Don’t place so much emphasis on ‘enlightenment’ but on experiencing divine joy in the now, in the incredible energy that is you and around you.

Begin to see that everything is divine in nature and that you are not separate in any shape or form. The growth of your soul over the next 12 months requires you to focus on experiencing the divinity of self and soul. It is time for you to realise you are not human, but a unified field of consciousness of the Divine. Blessed be, Mother Mary.

(3) Greetings dearest ones, I AM Melchizedek and the time of higher enlightenment is upon you. Through the expanse of the universes, you are on the cusp of entering a great phase. One that will challenge your soul and a time of manifestation and higher frequencies. During the next 12 months I am available should you wish to work with me, to help you begin to work more accurately with light, sound, colour and energy.

Your soul is now beginning to feel a sense of urgency to move onwards, upwards and to change everything. The whole of creation and the ability to bring into that which you so desire, will manifest for you providing you are willing to invest in your own spiritual growth and see that the opportunities before you, are not only a gift from the divine, but a great privilege. You are being given a unique opportunity to shape the fabric of the universal blueprint. In many aspects, you are being called upon to see that you are not limited in your ability to shape and create form to your life and the world around you. You must begin to expand your consciousness and see that everything, including you, is part of God, light, the one conscious energy’s plan and vision.

Your part in the evolution of the planet is calling for you to focus and help others, develop a greater sense of gratitude for everything. When you help to create positive vibration, uplift, inspire and assist others with a positive frame of reference, you will begin to help raise the vibration of planet Earth, which in turn means higher enlightenment and knowledge will be given to you. Begin to recognise it is one thing to think you are lucky, or you are grateful for what you have, but in order for the space-time continuum to kick into manifesting what you desire, you have to feel, think and act as though you are truly grateful.

Your challenge for the coming months is to begin to see the joy in all things. As you begin to enjoy and immerse yourself in the world of joy, your ability to manifest your reality and experience the bounties of the universes will expand. Your soul will challenge you to begin to see the bigger picture. You will be challenged to hold and reflect your inner light and love out to all things. You will be challenged to truly seek and see the value in all things. Failure to do so will result in loss; success will result in gain.

It will be important that you do not see your challenge as a call for you to become a flatterer, for flattery is insincere. Empowerment through true gratitude will be a challenge, particularly as the vast majority of humanity is at odds with themselves, and full of insecurities both physical and emotional. I will assist you in learning to touch upon your greatness, but in order to do this, you must learn to feel, understand and radiate your own light, your own energies. The words you speak will carry vibration. When I speak of light, sound, colour and energy, look at how you can use your light, sound, energy to colour the world, the universe around you. Invoke me during your meditations or prayers. If you are diligent and committed to creating change in the world, then show me your commitment and I will show you how to bring about tremendous, beneficial radical change. Adonai, I AM Lord Melchizedek

(4) METATRONIC ENERGY FIELDS – Greetings, I AM Metatron and I come to you at a time where unique aspects, facets and timelines are being merged into your consciousness in preparation of your ascension. Those of you who were drawn to the image number four, are part of a special group energy and those of you who have chosen this particular image is here to create a permanent imprint upon the dimension in which you currently reside.

You have all elected to be part of a new divine light harmonic frequency. This means that everything you do on a micro and macrocosm level, will leave an imprint within the universe for future cosmic travellers to tap into and gain greater knowledge. You may be wondering how you will do this, but deep within you are ancient filaments of knowledge, that over time will begin to reveal themselves to you through synchronicities, dreams and experiences.

This particular coming year, you will have the hard task of disconnecting from those who are not part of your higher consciousness frequency, or where there is no longer a direct soul link. Each experience you have over the next 12 months will be to help you peel away and remove all hindrances to your soul’s growth. This is not a negative thing. It is an opportunity for you to come into greater knowledge of yourself and your different aspects in different lifetimes, and help you to understand the earthly realm in all its various forms.

Some of the time you will work with me on the astral plane whilst in your sleep state. I will begin to help you to see that your potential is more than mere human potential. It is my wish for you to begin to access intuitional knowledge, to recall your times of other dimensional realities and the roles you played as interplanetary scientists, researchers, teachers and constructors.

Every one of you who were drawn to this image has lived together in other existences, dimensions and you all contain collectively knowledge of how the universe works and how to utilise energy fields to re-energise, reformat and replenish the Earthly realm. Focusing your attention and energies on expanding your intuition through metaphysics to raise your own vibration, is key to your progress over the next twelve months.

A soul consists of many bodies of light. Those bodies of light each hold a particular frequency, sound vibration, it is time to learn how to re-harmonise your own energies, and then learn how to raise those energies for greater intuitive insight. Learning to channel and how to work with energies really will assist you in soul advancement.

Working alongside myself and Ascended Masters Hilarion and Serapis Bey, the time for your soul to resonate at a higher frequency is now. You will yearn to leave behind the mundane physical aspects of human life. You will desire to travel and gain greater knowledge. Your ability to commune with spirit beyond the veil will be more refined and clearer.

The opportunities for you to work on your own ascension during the next twelve months means, that if no longer wish to continue to learn from this physical realm, and you wish to be part of the higher realms, then you will, at the end of the following year, begin the opportunity to amend your soul’s contract so that you continue your own particular soul’s growth with other star beings of light, or within the angelic schools of light. This does not mean that you will shorten your own current physical life, it merely means that when you finally choose to leave your current incarnation, you can bypass much of your karmic imprints and move onto parallel realities for greater expansion and knowledge.

In order for you to work with me and have this opportunity, you must begin to commune and work with myself, and the ascended masters Hilarion and Serapis Bey on a daily basis. This can be done through petitioning, prayer or meditation. Those who show much fortitude and diligence in requesting support in being able to remember their higher calling, and for their energy fields to be upgraded to a higher vibration, will be rewarded with an expansion in their consciousness and vibrational energy fields. Make a point of accessing your energies and learning to trust the impressions that you gain from the situations, people and places you connect with on an energetic level.

From this time onward for the next 12 months everything you experience in thought, emotionally and physically will be part of the historic imprint of the universe for other students to learn from. Your task is to remember that you have a higher calling and that is to see, experience and record this time in human history within the universal conscious membrane. Seek to look at how you can assist in healing, raising energies to bring about a greater change in human and planetary earth consciousness. – Blessings, Archangel Metatron

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