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Past Life Psychic Reading

To receive your free psychic reading, pick ONLY ONE image that resonates with you and then find the message from spirit below the image.

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1) In a past life you abused your spiritual power and this means that you are afraid to work fully with your spiritual gifts. It is time to hone your skills and access those ancient talents, not everything is as black and white as you think. In between is a dimension of knowledge, ancestors of the past are working with you and you need to flex your intuitive muscles and begin once more to tap into the fullness of your gifts. Others are looking for you to share your wisdom, guidance and knowledge, you must not be afraid to show the truth of your beliefs and who are you are. In the past, you were persecuted for this, but recognise you are now in a place which supports you in accessing your fullest potential.

2) Angelic light is being placed around you to protect you from the onslaught of environmental energies. The angelic light will activate and fully open your spiritual chakras, this is giving you the greatest opportunity to meet with and work with the angelic realm. Knowledge and support will help you prepare yourself for the healing work that needs to be done. A time is coming where your nurturing, your creativity will be called to the fore, therefore time is of the essence, immerse yourself in your spiritual development so that you help others with your radiant energies.

3) Past live connections are reigniting memories of a time when you could read the universal messages from the stars. As a light-bearer, celestial wisdom is available for you to download and access but working on your third eye development is key. At one time you were able to see the truth in all things, it was easy for you to resonate with and understand the energy of truth. You worked for many powerful people who needed your skill in discerning the truth and as such, you were abused and feared because of your gifts. Time has come where you must once more stand in your truth and show others the light of truth. Whether you have to champion a cause or reveal someone who is not of the light, you must stand up and reawaken the truth-sayer within you.

4) Hidden knowledge and connections with the Knights Templar are part of your past life history. Committed to protecting and serving the light, a time is coming where you will once more be called upon to stand in battle against the negativity of others. Often you may have felt drawn to others, believing you were the one who needed protecting and yet, in reality, you are the spiritual warrior and you are the one who is the protector of others. Whether it is saving humans or animals, recognise that the time has come to begin working with the light for the greater good. Messages will be given to you to help others, you may be called upon to protect and serve in many ways, but recognise that each spiritual mission has been given to you, in recognition of your ability to serve the light. You have been a protector of celestial wisdom, and recognition of your services to the light will begin to yield you blessings in many ways.

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