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What's Really Going On? - Archangel Metatron

Have you awoken this year in another parallel dimension? Are you being punished by a higher authority?

So many theories and thoughts of what life has become are upon the many minds of humanity at this time. And yet, whilst it may appear you have all been sentenced to a time of imprisonment and suffering, you have all been gifted the opportunity to enter into your own personal healing journey from a place of sanctuary, which is your home.

Life had become almost robotic for humanity. You arose each morning, you performed many of the same functions day-in-day-out, without really being aware of what you are doing and why. Like armies of ants, you moved around completely asleep and unaware of the life unfolding around you, and even more sadly, each other.

Never before have you had so much available to you, shops open on every corner, money and objects becoming the lifeblood of humanities ability to exist in the modern world. The balance of life force energy and how it is utilised required a major rectification.

There was a time where the simplicity of life, community and family were part of a cohesive energy force which created great safety and calm. The vibration of peace, love and contentment created a wonderful healing environment in which humanity could thrive. Therefore to rebalance the life force energies of the planet and humanity, vibrational energies were subtly weaved into the cosmos to help create a pathway for you all to enter into a restorative process. During many times throughout humanities evolution, there have been periods where rectification was required.

Spending time alone, whether out in nature or at home, reconnects you to the ancient ways of being where tranquillity and the opportunity to rework on the self are available. An opportunity to recreate family relationships and reconnect to what is unfolding within you is a gift.

Within all of you is an inner light, this inner light is ancient and sacred. When this inner light is ignored and you fail to tap into its power, you find your life taking many twists and turns that are hard to navigate. This is how a soul becomes lost to itself, akin to a plough ploughing indiscriminate furrows instead of furrows that are straight and true.

As you move towards the end of this year, it is hoped that you will take time to go within and find your inner light. This inner light is the compass of your soul that helps you to move forward with purpose and accuracy. Like a watch, you cannot tell what time it is, unless you make a point of checking your watch, therefore how can you navigate your life's direction and understand your experiences unless you take time to check in on your own inner light?

Detaching from the outside world is the only way in which you can truly connect with your inner light. Many of the sufferings you experience are as a result of not being fully connected with your inner light. Focusing on outward things cannot lead you to the path of happiness and abundance, nor can it help you attain enlightenment.

It is important to realise that every soul upon the Earth plane is in the process of birthing themselves through various light codes, life experiences and aligning with different parallel gateways to assist in collectively supporting humanity and Earth in its Ascension process.

The work you are all doing is so important because it is moving the world from polarity into unity. To achieve this, all souls must begin to align with their inner light, which in turn raises their vibration collectively.

Everything you have experienced this year is known as collective awakening, each of you is facing and embracing your shadow side. The shadow self is your own karmic issues which you are clearing for your own soul's ascension and as you clear your karmic issues you begin to access more of your multi-dimensional self.

Much of this year has been about assisting you all to recognise how shallow materialism is and how much you are all allowing yourselves to be controlled and dominated more now than ever before. Humanity has a collective belief that it is helpless to do and change anything. The star gateway portals that are now opening over the next 13 months will be bringing you all an opportunity to let go of everything you believed life to be and to finally clear away the residue of stagnant energies held in Mother Earth's crystalline grid and enter into life as it was truly meant to be, one of freedom, joy, love and unity.

Throughout the multiverse, there is a grand union planned for all of creation so that together the final ascension of all that is can take place. For this to take place there has to be complete faith and an opening of your hearts. 2021 is the time for you to choose to work from your inner light and remain completely connected to that inner light so you can finally awaken to yourself as a light being. The time to go inward was this year, much of the fears, the anxiety, the difficulties you have all been facing personally and collectively have been old karmic systems that needed to be released.

The time of separateness offered you the time to see how community and family are more important than stuff. The time of separateness was to help you see how the gift of life must not be squandered but appreciated. How this was a time where love, compassion and support of one another was the key to moving beyond those limitations you perceived were a threat to your existence. This year has also highlighted to those who are awakening, the magnitude of how many souls are still rigidly locked into the old energies, where selfishness, ego, materialism and closed-heartedness still rule.

The time has now come where you are on the precipice of a new consciousness, a new world. Moving into a new consciousness calls for moving through the very many veils of illusion. On a personal level and a collective level, everything must collapse in order, like a phoenix, to be reborn. All souls must begin to awaken to their inner light and reclaim their divine heritage. A soul is born free, it is an empowered spark of divine light and love, and it is not meant to be controlled nor dominated.

If you are all to move into this new consciousness, you must all find the inner light within you and recognise what you are allowing to dominate and disempower you. You must all also realise, that you are all one and the same light. Only by finding your inner light can you rid yourselves of fear, ego, and domination. Rather than allowing outside influences to dominate your emotional and mental bodies, use your emotional and mental bodies to resonate the higher frequencies of love. When you feel anxiety, fear or you encounter prejudice, anger, frustration, REMEMBER YOUR DIVINE HERITAGE - you are divine essence, divine love, divine light and as such you are free to detach from the lower density energies and illusions that are appearing before you.

Am I asking you to live your life through rose-tinted glasses? No. What I am doing, is planting those seed to help you awaken, to how you have given your soul power away and how you can reclaim it Each and every one of can choose to be part of the collective darkness, or you can choose to be the collective part of light and love.

All of the spirit realms are at this time holding open the star gateways to higher light, love and wisdom for those of you are ready to finally find your soul home. Some of you call it heaven, some of you call it nirvana, For us, is it soul unity and the way to soul unity is through moving into your own inner light, so you can align into the rebirthing of a new consciousness and a new world.

For now, call upon me, Archangel's Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel and ask for our support so you can stay aligned with the higher frequencies of creation. If you need help shifting your vibrations, or you need access to the star gateways that will support you at this time, we are here to help you.

For now, your focus must be on detaching from the collective fear that is expanding outward around your world. This darkness has in the past led to the downfall of many civilizations, but it has also assisted in a great awakening of new civilizations too. Know at this time the angelic realm, the ascended masters, your starseed brothers and sisters and other humans are working to support you.

Your starseed brothers and sisters are already monitoring the vibration of planet Earth, and collectively working to support you all. Even if at this moment in time you feel alone, know that we are with you and that no matter what you are facing, to move through it, remember only the vibration of Love can lift you up and beyond where you are. Love is the key which creates a vibrational shift on a multi-dimensional level. Love is the key to the ascension portals and love is the key to rebirth and unity with the seed of creation.

The level of human consciousness is changing, but it need not be feared, it merely needs you to move inward and find your inner light.

In oneness and love


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Becky Prante
Becky Prante
Dec 11, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing this. For this is what I have been feeling and sharing from the Angelic realm and it is so important for this message to be received at this time. I am glad we can also share this on facebook and other media.

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