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Trajectory of Human Reality - Zeta Reticuli

Greetings, we thank you for this opportunity to transmit to you guidance.

There are many forms of galactic guidance open to you at this critical time in your human trajectory. We offer you this gift of knowledge in the hope that this will support you at the time you need it, and in the way you need it.

Humanity is currently closing the doors upon polarised reality, this means, as we have experienced in our own history, that you are undergoing an intense awakening. You have to be fully open at this time to the flow and direction in which you are all being guided. You can't have any resistance to what is unfolding because the passageway through which you are all travelling, is enabling the death of ego, separation and polarity.

Your survival now very much depends on you redefining your reality and developing a greater clarity of the type of world you wish to build. Your level of consciousness is moving from one octave to a higher octave, this means the way in which you experience life is changing from one-dimensional perception to another where you can experience things multidimensional. This means you are entering into a state of consciousness where your perception is multidimensional and can access many parallel realities simultaneously.

Many humans, just as we did, are resisting what is. They are clinging to what we refer to as 'selective blindness'. You are facing this pandemic because the separation and polarity needs to be healed within you all. Many of you are still viewing each other as right or wrong, good or bad. The challenges you have to face, to break free from the threat of extinction, call for you to find the median, the middle ground, which reunites humanity.

We have watched and waited to communicate with you all for quite some time yet you were not ready to be open to our transmissions. Now we feel it is time for our presence to be known and our transmissions to begin because we see how so many of you are still heavily invested in clinging to the continuous stream of media and human propaganda. We now deem it necessary to make our presence known to help humanity as we do not wish for you all to experience the devastation that we have done on our own planet when this happened to us.

We have tried many human years ago to alert humanity to the perilous pathway they were heading towards, but we were met by those who deem themselves to be the voice for humanity, and who claim to hold power over you all, would not listen, instead, they chose to deny our existence.

We wish it to be known that what you are being told and exposed to is information that is meant to confuse you and keep you locked into beliefs and values which create mistrust, fear and keep the continuum of separation. The speed and momentum of that propaganda that you are all being subjected to is abhorrent to us, for we know only too well how this could well end for humanity, if you do not learn to let go of everything you are being told and shown.

We implore all of you to break free of what is unfolding in terms of media presence. We implore you to break free of listening to others and for you to invest your time and energy working on the inner plane.

By working on yourself, releasing all forms of judgement and the need to blame others, you will create within you a particular octave resonance which overrides those octaves which are keeping humanity stuck in this polarity separation loop. By working on your own inner octaves you will begin to resonate healing octaves which in turn will help humanity to rid themselves of being a victim to these polarity fields.

Only by doing the inner work can you begin to help heal humanity. So many of you are lost, so many of you are being put into a trance where you see each other as enemies for having different opinions or values, and the only trajectory for humanity, if this continues, will be civil war where neighbour vs neighbour, country vs country.

Your very survival now depends on consciously choosing not to enter into judgemental behaviours, no one is right or wrong they just are and developing humility is your only option if you are to sustain the evolution of humanity.

Right now your trajectory puts you all off course for what could be a beautiful abundant bright future. We have all had to learn, as humanity will, that only by clearing and aligning the inner-self, will the outer-world change.

We had to begin to learn the importance of focusing our energies on holding humility within us, and how being loving in our residences created the shift of our evolution as a whole. Humanity must learn to replace Us and them, I and you, to our.

You must learn to truly listen to others, at the first sign of language which talks of something different, which creates a 'us and them 'or an 'I and you', this is a sign of polarised energy. You are being drawn along a road that is fuelling the energy of separation.

The pathway you are all on is perilous, but once you have moved through this trajectory you will find a future, a way of living so beautiful you will wonder why you did not make this happen sooner.

The energies within your planet are shifting, but to bring death to the ego, the separation, the polarity, you must all realise you are all part of the problem and now it is time to be part of the solution.

We have walked the path upon which you find yourselves, we are living proof that this can be overcome. The hard work for humanity on a spiritual level begins now, it cannot be put off, delayed, done half-heartedly.

Today begin to hold your awareness of what is unfolding inwardly. Be aware of when and how often your ego arises within you. Become aware of when you are judging something as good or bad, right or wrong and correct this by moving into humility, acceptance and love.

By moving into humility miraculous things instantly happen, so we hope humanity who we hold dear as part of our galactic family, will embrace our guidance. Where there is division seek to unite, where there is darkness seek to illuminate through tolerance, love and humility. These are the keys you hold, we hope you choose to use them.

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Becky Prante
Becky Prante
10 ene 2021

A very beautiful and timely message. Thank you.

Me gusta
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