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Lord Sananda - Bring Peace

At this time, the polarity between negative forces and positive forces is becoming more apparent, and whilst these feel like perilous times, it is important to understand the reasons for this current state of existence.

Understand that your world is now beginning the transition into a new age, and when something is on the verge of change, it is able to see with clarity, the disparate energies that no longer serve your world’s purpose.

As many humans are awakening to the spiritual changes happening, they are becoming aware of the light within, the Divine presence that calls to you; and as you awaken, you are beginning to see the disparity between your own light, and that of the darkness, more and more.

You and your followers have a unique opportunity to help us create a smoother transition for your world. We need your help at this time, to bring into your world more healing, more love and more peace. Many of those who are spiritual, feel lost, for they are not sure what to do, where to be, and how to bring more light into the world. I come forward now at your time in need, and ask that you shine your inner light, your love, your compassion and kindness on the world around you, and share this energy with each other.

No attempt is too small, for as one light begins to shine out, so too, you will find other lights beginning to show themselves more and more. I do not ask you to spend hours, days or weeks in meditation, for I know that your world requires you to attend to many things at the same time, but what I do ask of you is just five minutes of your time. Before you close your eyes to sleep, I ask you to draw love and light into your heart centre and then visualise, or feel, yourself emanating this loving healing energy to the world. You may want to send your energies to a particular area of the world, or to your world leaders. You may even wish to first begin with members of your own family.

Remember that you heal, just as I did, and so much more; for in your world you are now at a stage where there are many who are of the light, and are able to come together, I even ask you to consider asking for the help of your children. Sit with them, kneel with them, pray with them, and send your creative energies into your world, for if you emanate healing loving energy to your world, it will begin to change.

You are conduits of God, light, the one conscious energy. If you open your hearts and grow your love with the true aim of bringing peace into your life and your world, you will emanate these energies, and just like a crystal, as you rise above lower energies yourself, you will also find that you transmute vibrational frequencies to those around you. Therefore, understand, not only are you healing and working on yourself, you are also affecting the environment around you.

It is time to choose those you wish to follow, much more wisely. You must learn not to be swayed by sweet promises of prosperity and new jobs. Learn to look at your leaders, and see if they are the embodiment of the peace, love and harmony you wish to have in your world. Begin to consider if their decisions support humanity and human rights, or if their deeds are inhumane.

For peace to reign, you need to employ leaders with the same visions as yourselves. The mass must learn to show the love and peace that they want to experience in this world. By holding this value within yourself, by emanating the love and peace you want in your world, you can achieve what at the moment appears only as a far distant dream.

Do not sacrifice yourself to those who lead you towards poverty, perversion, injustice and war. When you sacrifice your own needs or desires, make a point of being clear, that you truly ‘feel’ that what you are sacrificing yourself for, is more important, or valuable, than your own soul. If you look to those you have promoted as leaders of your world, you will see they have performed deed after deed, whereby they have turned a blind eye to those who are hurt, killed or sacrificed for your world leaders’ own needs of position, power and control.

At this time, it is important to also understand that you cannot bring peace into your world, merely by talking about wanting peace and harmony. Each and every one of you is responsible for becoming the living example to others. If you are representative of love, compassion, kindness, understanding and honesty, you become a visible illustration of how those attributes support life, and they provide you with a foundation that is strong and secure.

Many of you call out and ask about life purpose. There is only one life purpose, and it is to be the living example of peace and love. It matters not what you do on the physical plane, for without being the embodiment of love and peace, success ‘with’ complete fulfilment will elude you always.

This is why there are many humans who are successful but unhappy. You can throw all the money you have at something, but if you do not have love in your heart, you will never truly be fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Become the paradigm, whether you set an example that serves your world, or you use philosophy to relate to another, little by little, you eventually begin to determine how another person or culture behaves.

Help those who feel closed off to spirit. Help those who are grieving and feel alone. Shine your light and love upon all those who cross your path. I will work with you. Call upon me in your times of doubt, for I know that when you doubt, it is only because of your desire to be of service, and take the right course of action.

It matters not how much effort you put into trying to control time, for God, light, the one-conscious energy ensures that everything is completely synchronised, and at this moment you are right where you need to be, doing what needs to be done.

Be of the light, and help others to resurrect the dream of peace and harmony.

Lord Sananda

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