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Just Dance

Religion is often blamed for the wars and suffering in the world, but it isn't religion that is to blame, it is our inability to embrace the similarities in each faiths’ teachings.

Religion for me is like a dance, each dance is a series of movements, steps, in a unique way, to express the spiritual feeling within us.

For today, allow others to do their dance their own way. For if we were to see everyone's dance from the viewpoint of Heaven, we would see a beautiful unison, a flow of colour, sound and energy that is in flow with the divine plan.

Like a bird, each bird is flying alone, in its own style, but together with the other birds, it is creating a beautiful swarm of moving art.

As the great Maya Angelou used to say,

'We are more alike than different'

When we see different cultures dancing or singing, we don't judge them as being wrong, we embrace the uniqueness of their expression. Isn't it funny how we watch, curious to what is going on without questioning or judging it as being right or wrong?

How different would the world be, if we could embrace the uniqueness of all the religions and faiths in the world?

For today, when you come up against something that perhaps is not in alignment with your own beliefs, values or opinions, allow that person or those people to dance and notice there is something within that dance that connects you to them and them to you.

Perhaps if we could all just dance, we could find a world of beautiful expression and harmony.

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