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Life sometimes puts you in situations that can cause you to panic. You have to remember to calm down, move into your soul, so you can regain control over your thoughts, emotions and actions. But perhaps that is easier said than done when panic hits you full on.

In the ancient mystery schools, students were taught to master their 'Inner Master'. A soul cannot be heard when anxiety and panic take over, so students were taught to slow everything down and consult their inner master.

Imagine that your stomach is a dark cave in which a great master resides. Your inner master sits patiently watching and listening to your life unfold. Learn to visit your inner master, and ask your inner master to show you the way of the Divine.

Sitting with your Inner Master will help you find the solutions to the problems you face. Let your Inner Master teach you how to suspend time, slow down and allow the Divine to lead you where you need to be, so you can learn what needs to be learnt.

For today, practice talking with your Inner Master so that when panic comes calling you will know what you need to do.

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