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A State of Emergency - Reality Check - Algalithian Elders

Greetings one and all,

Humanity is undergoing at this time one of the most challenging lessons in evolutionary terms. Therefore we come forward at this time to bring guidance and yet, we know that what we bring at this time will not be easily digested by some of you.

Firstly we wish to address something that all souls must understand completely in order to shed ego and transcend energetically on a higher level. This is an important lesson that has to be learnt on a physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual lesson, and it will not be easy due to your environment, genetic programming and the conditioning that you currently experience in a physical reality.

Right now, humanity is very divided, and the balance is so fine we feel it is important to alert you to the presence of reality. Be very aware that by aligning with one belief you are creating a holding pattern for polarity to continue to exist which works against creating unity consciousness. We choose the word reality because on the Earth plane truth does not exist. Is everything in the world a lie? No. But what is a lie, is humanities belief in truth. Let us explain this in more depth.

Truth in human terms does not exist, and this is an important lesson all humans must come to realise, in order to achieve elevation in their soul's ascension process. In essence, human truth is based entirely on belief and knowledge. For example, at one time you may have said something is true but then later discovered something that made you now believe differently and say it isn't. In essence, you manifested polarity and your soul experienced that polarity in one aspect and then another.

So how can a soul navigate in a physical reality and achieve soul empowerment and wisdom? Now more than ever before, you are bombarded through a cornucopia of ways masses of information which seeks to maintain polarity consciousness. We feel at this time due to the unprecedented experiences you are having, our own guidance, having experienced this in our own history of evolution, may help you to see everything from a different dimension entirely, and it will help you move into greater unity consciousness whilst experiencing a very deep, profound spiritual awakening.

Some of you will not be open, ready or accept what we bring to you, but for those of you who are ready, please continue to read our guidance.

If you will, please think about what you consider or what you think of as is true, for example, you may believe the sky is blue, that there are just 3 states of matter, and so on, and so on. Human truth is created on what feels or aligns with your beliefs, values and experiences. It is based on where you have placed your trust and what parts you selectively choose to accept.

Right now, if your beliefs are aligned with the spiritual principles we communicate to you, you will say "so true". If however, you don't align with what is communicated, you will discredit it, dismiss it and generally feel irritated or allow ego to step in and make you feel superior, because you believe you know more than another.

It is so important right now that you consider where you place your trust. To consider yourself awakened and another unawakened is based on your beliefs, values and experiences. In essence, it is judgemental and creates division, polarity. There is a noticeable shift unfolding within many humans who believe themselves to be "spiritual", and it is a very dangerous line they walk, which is worrisome for us because it threatens not only their own ascension process but also works against humanity moving into unity consciousness.

You now have more than ever before, access to many others around your world who in their own eyes see themselves as "awakened" and an authority on what is, and about to unfold for humanity. Many of these beings who "believe" they have humanities interests at heart, are giving out information to manifest a different reality which works against the very core of love, light and multiversal truth. Let us explain: -

Humans need to believe something, for it to exist and become true to them. For example, let us say that you catch someone giving a talk about something spiritual. As you listen, you are programmed to pick out snippets of information that you agree with, and suddenly you determine, you like this person and now, you consciously choose to continue to watch them, listen to them and before you know it, you have made the decision that this person speaks the truth.

You will continue to follow this person, support this person until they say or do something that doesn't align with you, and then you will change your mind. Does this mean the person now is untruthful and wrong? The correct answer is No!

Humans have within their DNA, genes which enable their mental and emotional bodies, through a process of elimination, to create a set of principles to enable them to understand something. Mathematically in your mind, you are equating, balancing, processing many different energies, frequencies and light quotients.

Within your DNA, there are also other genes which, when activated, enable you to filter in the ability to see everything dimensionally which then helps you to stand back and understand everything on a deeper and multi-dimensional level. We will bring you more information on this in future communications.

Right now, with everything you are told, how do you determine what is right or wrong, true or false? The correct answer is you cannot, what you can only do is see everything as different sets of beliefs, values and conditioning. That is all it is, nothing more, nothing less. By seeing things in this way, you will begin to see and come to understand that others are merely another aspect which forms part of the whole and this is important in finding unity consciousness.

As the diversity of so many different sets of beliefs and values, along with conditioning are fed into the machines of media this poses humanity a dilemma, one which will strike at the core of every soul's identity.

The soul to become enlightened has to see everything through many levels of energy. All the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Starseed races have always asked you to consider the source of information, perhaps in some ways, we would have been better to ask you to consider how the information benefits you or them. What does it teach you about you, others, the world from a spiritual perspective.

Humans often believe something to be true because it validates their sense of identity, beliefs and values. As you evolve on a spiritual level, there will come a time when you begin to consider what impact the information or experience creates.

Archangel Metatron has often tried to teach you that there are many aspects of truth. What Archangel Metatron is trying to teach all of you, is to see the differences and similarities so that you can draw a conclusion. The conclusion that you arrive at is always at the level the soul needs to help it uncover more about itself for the time being. The more the soul uncovers about itself, the more wisdom and experience it acquires, the more wisdom and experience it acquires, the more light it absorbs and the higher its frequency becomes.

It is imperative that when you hear, see or experience something, you question it. By this, we do not mean you look at it negatively or positively, but you go inward to understand the correlation (the process of establishing a relationship or connection between two or more things) of what has unfolded and what you have learnt from this.

If you uncover something that you really are resistant to, this is an important signal that you need to move deeper into what is not aligning with you and why. Often when we speak of this, people perceive it to mean, you look at it in depth to confirm why it isn't aligning with you. However, what we are asking you to do is to move into acceptance that it exists and to see it through the many aspects of truth and how it forms part of the whole.

In a reality where you are given information, data, statistics, it is really important that you see the reality of what is, and be very aware of being drawn into what others see as their truth. Begin to see truth is illusionary on a human level.

Validation of yourself, your soul, comes from learning that others do not define you and your reality. Life is an opportunity for you to develop your skills, your views, your perceptions and how consciousness can change the world of reality and form. We ask you from a deep desire to benefit and support all of you, to develop a greater awareness of the judgements you make, where you place your loyalty, and how you are aligning with what is unfolding.

Your greatest teacher is nature, the universes and light. If you desire to know multiversal truth in its most absolute form, then that is where you will find it. If you look at everything that is unfolding in your world right now, there is a propensity to create fear. Humanity is becoming programmed and indoctrinated in fear. We ask all of you to seriously, and we do mean seriously consider where you are placing your loyalties and what you are aligning with.

All souls are explorers and discoverers. Life is a journey of exploration into self and discovering from the smallest to the largest scale everything that the physical world has to offer. It is all one and same, you are all, with all your differences of human truth.

Your brothers and sisters are there to help you see the wholeness of everything, therefore it isn't the time to see someone as right or wrong, honest or dishonest, they just are here, as a beautiful teacher of spiritual light to help you uncover aspects of yourself you didn't know existed. Rather than disassociate with them, judge them, things will become much easier if you take a reality check and align with what is and what you can discover as a result of your experiences.

We hope we have given you a new aspect of light that you will take time to explore to uncover new conclusions about yourselves and life.

Algalithian Elders.

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Becky Prante
Becky Prante
09 gen 2021

This is so helpful to share to help all of us understand the greater reality of our perception and truth. Thank you and the Algalithians.

Mi piace
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