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It Is Time - Ascended Master Lord Sananda

Divine children of light a time of great change is upon you all. Indeed at this time when many of you are feeling separate, alone, frightened, fearful I step forward to support all of you to open your hearts to the divine heart of christ consciousness that resides in each and every one of you.

That spark of eternal light that lies within you, is the same light that resides in me, for although you perceive yourself to be separate from me, we are one divine source of light.

I come to you as the divine matrix of multiversal energies are being activated and lifting your universe into a higher dimension of light. Planet Earth has indeed been journeying through a pivotal ascension doorway and into a new stargate. This is why, beloved ones, you have all experienced much turbulence in your world.

As you move towards the higher light, that which was dark and held deep in the crystalline energy grid of mother Earth, had to be shaken, awoken and brought to the surface in order for it to be released.

The process of rebirth can be a painful transition, but through that pain, many collective karmic cycles can finally be laid open and finally released. Therefore I ask you all to stand in your light, in your faith and know that all that is unfolding is actually collective pain being released.

Whilst you may have had to endure this time feeling alone, the Ascended Masters and I, your guides, loved ones in the spiritual realm and the heavenly host of angels have been visiting you all and blending our energies with yours to give you the strength to carry on as you move through this transcendental time.

As planet Earth makes her transition into the higher realms, humanity is undergoing a transformation too on a cellular level. Deep within your DNA lies a very special subtle energy spectrum. Within this energy spectrum, further DNA soul templates exist and as you move with planet Earth into the higher realms, some of you will experience deeper aspects of your own soul DNA being activated within this energy spectrum.

The human journey is a very profound, deep and emotional journey which helps you understand how to use the divine light power that resides within you. All souls must undergo many journeys of life and rebirth to ascend into non-duality and unity consciousness. As planet Earth makes her journey into the higher realms of light, humanity must begin to shed the fear consciousness which it is so strongly attached too.

Who you were and are, is not who you are becoming. Aspects of the self are now being released and as you journey into the higher realms you are beginning collectively to awaken and create a new reality. A new way of being.

Some of you will struggle with letting go of your attachments to fear consciousness. Fear consciousness is multi-faceted, it contains anger, hatred, guilt, shame, confusion, regret and jealousy. There will be many souls who decide it is easier to ascend by accepting the process of a physical rebirth as Earth makes her transition and there will be others who embrace this opportunity to experience and see everything play out in divine order. It is not a time of fear, but a time for embracing hope, faith and love.

The key to all healing and ascension is love. At this time, you have the potential to embrace and work with all of the angelic realms, ascended masters and your Starseed brothers and sisters. We are here holding the golden divine creator's light so that you can move out of fear and into love.

It takes great strength, courage and much forgiveness to move into the flow of divine love, therefore at this time I am weaving into your own energy fields my all empowering divine love to awaken the dormant DNA Christ Conscious Codes within you to assist you in finally moving out of duality towards unity consciousness.

Everything you seek, want and need can only be found in love. Love is the life essence of your soul. It is the key to complete healing, the key to complete balance, the key to the higher divine realms and the key which enables you to attain Ascension.

It is time to take emotional responsibility for your own ascension process and release all karmic contracts of fear consciousness. Ascension is not a thinking process but a feeling process, and the pathway becomes completely clear when you fully open your hearts to the flow of divine creation.

The time has come beloved ones to finally surrender your fears. Invite the Divine Light of the creator to come into your heart. Invite the ascended masters, the angelic realms to help you finally open your heart completely so you may surrender your fears and move back into love and unity consciousness. The time of forgiveness is upon you all.

The Earth's current frequencies and her transition into the higher realms is a golden opportunity for you to fully uncover your own divine nature and experience unity consciousness.

Are you brave enough and ready to fully embrace my love? Allow my love to connect with your heart and soul. It is time to come home and remember that we are all one light, one love, one voice, one soul.

It is time beloved ones to embrace your ascension, I am here and I will not forsake you. Embrace your divine empowering light and let us become one.

I love you


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