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How To Be Free - Archangel Haniel

Beloved ones,

In times when you feel you are stuck unable to move, or you feel that you are completely out of options, it is important to remember that everything on the external is a mirror of the internal. Thoughts create your reality, therefore if you change your thoughts you change the outcome of your reality.

We, the Archangels, have tried and continue to try to help you all see that you are the source of your own creation. The more of you who believe in something the greater the reality becomes because mass consciousness holds tremendous power.

So many times we have advised you to be discerning about what you attach yourselves to. Some of you will know and have learnt how being with negative people can affect you on a mental, emotional and physical level.

Humanity is currently undergoing a great transformation, but it is vital, very vital indeed that you detach from the negativity and fear that is being spread in various forms around your world. Consciously choose to not speak of that which creates doom, gloom and feeds into the fear mass consciousness of Earth at this time. Choose not to listen to that which creates and feeds the belief that the world is a place of danger, doom and gloom.

As hard as it may seem, do your utmost to tap only into that which supports growth, liberation and positivity. Each time you go from positive to negative your own energy patterns and frequencies shift. Lower frequencies slow the cells down, hampering growth and rejuvenation. If you find this hard to believe, consider how people who are negative and unhappy age much faster than happier, more upbeat people.

Consider how you are reacting to reading my guidance today, are you tapping negatively into the old fear consciousness by thinking "That's easier said than done"? Are you aware of how much negative programming you are holding onto?

Right now, it is vital that as many of you as possible, work on holding positive light so that it can lift, transform the negative fear energy which is stuck in your dimension. I know we have spoken of this many times before, and it will, to some of you, feel like you're listening to a repeat of a tune, but transformation requires great effort and focus.

To move the collective energies away from the old masculine energies into one of light, love, and bring about a reunion with the divine feminine energies, what you think you create, this is why we urge you to consciously focus on that which empowers you all and helps to elevate humanity out of this negative mire. All the time you are continually creating. You are a creator being, part of the divine creator. Remember your divine heritage and what you are.

Every experience you have is to enable you to learn how to tap into your truest essence and create heaven rather than hell. You can choose to love or to hate, you can choose to be truthful or lie, you can choose to be ignorant or you can choose to educate yourself as best you can.

Everything you are doing comes from choice, therefore beloved ones, begin to anchor into your being care, compassion and love for yourself and others. Choose to be an inward and outward expression of peace. When dissatisfaction appears, give thanks for the reminder to look at what is perfect, or good about your life.

Each and every one of you chose before you were birthed into the physical realm, to help lift the veils of illusion for humanity. All humans are implanted with energies which act like amnesia, part of your previous soul's experiences and expressions are kept locked so they do not hamper the experiences and choices you have. Each experience will when ready, unlock some of those implants, releasing more of your soul memories as you absorb more light and your soul grows.

To release judgements, grievances, niggles, focus on positive loving thoughts and emotions. Life for humanity cannot change unless you choose love. Love, as we have told you before it the key to everything. Accepting what is, rather than what you would want it to be. Release emotional attachment to what is unfolding and hold only positive thoughts.

Perhaps the way to measure how much love vibration you hold within you, is to consider how often you say to yourself that you love yourself. You cannot love others if you do not love yourself. Loving yourself is the only way to ensure that you hold those vibrations that lift you out of mass consciousness and fear.

Can you look at yourself in a mirror and say with meaning and intent "I love you (say your name)"? If you feel stupid or self-conscious, this will reveal how much love you hold within yourself and it will help you be aware of how much this lack of love is creating inner conflict and causing you to have the challenges you are facing. The more you say this to yourself morning, noon and night, the easier it will become for you to accept yourself.

Your vibration is a magnetic force which pulls towards you that which you think of, feel and create. Please consider how much negativity, fear, judgment etc you are pulling towards yourself. If you want to be free, live in joy, love and light, and experience the cornucopia of abundance that is available, then make haste and begin to work on prayer, mantras, affirmations, whatever way you can, to affirm that you are love in motion.

If you find this hard begin with something simple such as I love who I am, love is my purpose, I am a reflection of love and light, I love my ability to ...

Think of all the ways you can talk of love and spread love. When you speak with others if they look nice say to them" I love how you look today you look great'. Or, "I love that I have this opportunity to talk to you, I love hearing your voice". If you are sincere, notice how your words lift that person's vibration and transforms them the moment you have made them feel valuable and special.

In everything you do, choose love. Love that you are able to make a cup of tea, love that you have a choice of clothes to wear. Love that you have the ability to tap into the internet and access information. As you do this, you will attract love and light into your life and continue to raise your frequency.

When you go to sleep love that your bed provides you comfort in which to rest. Before you sleep tell yourself you love yourself. The more you do this, the more you will begin to experience life beyond the illusion of what you currently believe it to be.

No matter where you are, what you are going through, always remember Love is the Key.

I love each and every one of you.

Never forget that you are a divine essence of love, a spark of the divine creator and there is nothing that you cannot achieve when you choose to love and believe.

Archangel Haniel

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