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Energies of the Week - Grab Your Tissues

We kick off this week with cosmological energies entering into our Earth's atmosphere bringing us a roller-coaster of a week on an emotional level, so if you're feeling weepy, emotional, grab your tissues and let the river run for a little while.

You may already have felt as though you're holding onto your emotions tightly, but the new cosmological energies bring with them the spiritual challenges of once more, sifting and sorting the old stuff we no longer need and also becoming greatly aware of everything that we are feeling, thinking but not saying.

Around the world everyone is facing tough challenges, the end of the lock-downs has had a huge impact on global economies and with this comes more taxes, more expense, more restrictions and sadly, more doom and gloom being blasted left, right and centre through media channels.

However, no matter how emotional you may be feeling, turn away from the media and choose only to align with those things that make you feel good. This isn't living life through rose-tinted glasses, but you are being given a super, super opportunity to see and control what comes at you and into your life.

The energies this week are calling for you to face your fears. Do you believe you're not enough? Are you facing challenges which bring some form of loss, perhaps a loved one, or your job? Have you done something that you really wish you hadn't?

Some people may have some crushing news this week. You may perhaps feel that your life needs a complete overhaul, but if it does, rather than aligning with the tense energies of this week, see it as a big, HUGE, blessing that is giving you the heads up that it's time to deal with and face either your inner demons, or things you have been shying away from, for most of your life.

This week isn't about holding pity parties, it's about seeing that if you're riding a horse and it's galloping off in a direction you don't want to go, you have to sit up in your saddle, grab those reins and pull back to reorientate yourself. Take the first couple of days to hold back and ruminate a little while.

If you look at your life, you will notice there are tons of deja vu's. Perhaps you've said the 'wrong thing' again, perhaps you failed to pay attention again, perhaps you knew something and ignored your gut much to your demise, yet again. But here's the thing, when you're heading out on a journey, you don't look in your rear mirror holding onto where you've come from, you're looking forward, planning your route, and making your way to the destination you've decided on.

So use the energies this week to stop looking at where you've been, who you've been and instead, look at where you are, the direction you want to go in and what you need to do to arrive at your destination.

Rather than think this week's energies are awful, negative or bad, see this week as a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your resolve, to make things or people move out of your way, because you're moving up and into much bigger AND brighter things. Your life is improving with every step you take, every decision you make and every second, a new miracle and gift is being created just for you.

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Becky Prante
Becky Prante
Sep 14, 2021

Thank you so very helpful and timely. Blessings.

Jill Harrison
Jill Harrison
Sep 14, 2021
Replying to

You're welcome sweetheart xx

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