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Energy Patterns - Does It Really Matter?

If you're an empath, intuitive, light-worker, then buckle up guys, because this week is a roller-coaster ride into the depths and breadths of human emotion.

Yesterday, the energies began to weave their way into humanities psyche, and this is going to be an interesting week as the more you really look at someone, or spend time with them, the more likely it is that you're going to be able to recognise the difference in their light.

What do I mean by their light? I mean, becoming aware of those people who are not what they appear to be. Right now, the energies are waking us up to truths about ourselves and others, and it's not for the faint-hearted. This week we will come across the worst and the best in humanity.

Most of the energies we have been working through have been very tough now for well over 24 months. Everything is changing, a future of peace, love and harmony may feel like an unattainable fairy tale, but the world is beginning to wake up to all that is wrong and what needs to be put right and we have a lot of work to do not only on ourselves but as a global community too.

It could be really easy this week to feel like 'What's the point?' to most of the stuff we are having to deal with, but there is a point. The point is a really defining one in terms of your own spiritual growth. Are you quitter? or, are you willing to see this as an opportunity to make a huge difference in how society and humanity's development unfolds?

Hope is the light that enables us to find the strength to move through and onwards. Faith is the strength which holds us steadfast to our soul's journey. The biggest test we are all facing is to find that inner strength and rediscovering that if it is to be, then the faith has to start within. Instead of looking to governments for the answers, the new era, has to begin with people awakening to the fact they don't want a select few people being charge of what and doesn't happen.

To help you create a mantra that helps you. Mine is: -

The vast majority of humanity are weary, worn down by the constant barrage of rules, regulations and restrictions that are placed on them day in and day out. The train is going at full speed, but there isn't a driver and the passengers are not yet aware that a crash is coming in more than one way.

As the mass consciousness energies are holding the feeling hopelessness, it is upon all lightworkers, empaths, intuitives to hold the light of hope. To spread the light of love, share the healing balm of kindness and hope. It can be something as little as a smile to a stranger, or a random act of kindness. Speaking words of povitism, rather then joining in with the negativity.

Shield yourself from the negative media circus as much as you can. Here are some of the things to watch out for that you may experience this week: -

Waking Up Tired

As lightworkers during our sleep state, often, without us being aware of it, we are away working and healing others. During our sleep state, intuitives, empaths and lightworkers often are working as a global network to help raise mass consciousness. This means that whilst your body sleeps, your spirit is still on the go healing, teaching, supporting which means when you finally wake up in the physical world again, the end result is you're tired. The good news is, you're fulfilling your soul's purpose :-)

You may have dreams where you're dashing about, involved in accidents, or teaching people and they are not taking notice of what you're trying to show them. All of these are typical soul memories of the healing work you've been doing whilst asleep. Whilst working on the higher-realms, you will take a break, just as you would in normal physical life. You'll wake up usually at specific times such as 2:22am or 2:44, there will normally be a double digit number on the clock. The double digit represents the healing or spiritual work you're helping others with.

If you can associate with this, it is vital that you regularly sit in the power, and feed your own body light. Sitting still, not allowing thought to intervene and asking the spirit realm to bring you healing is really important.

On a side-note, you can announce in spirit that for tonight, you intend to take a night off from your spiritual work and ask them to surround you in healing light, so you have a restful and healing sleep so that when you work for spirit next, you can be more effective.

Yearning For The Past - Feeling Melancholy

For those empaths, intuitives and lightworkers who are over the age of 50, you could find yourself really missing the more simpler and easier life of your youth. Frequent memories of your childhood or younger years will come to the surface, perhaps making you wonder, why on earth you remembered that.

This happened to me recently, I hardly remember my childhood but a far distant memory of my mother trying to teach me to blow my nose as a very young child came to mind. "Why did I remember that", I thought. Archangel Metatron told me those of us who are over 50 are the last link between life before the technology wave and we have the experience of both worlds. We are the only ones who can teach the younger generation about how to live without technology. We have survival skills the younger generations don't.

We are the ones who still know about nature. We know how to grow and cultivate food, how to cook food that has never been in a packet or freezer, and how to live without all the trappings of modern-day gadgets. Our wisdom is very much needed and we are here as ambassadors to help teach others how to live in harmony with the earth, rather than just taking from her. Many of us in this age bracket will remember a time when we didn't have central heating. Perhaps you remember toasting bread on an open fire. Lighting the house with candles because of power-cuts and ways to stay entertained without TV or radio.

If you're having memories of your past, record them, share them, invite your children and grandchildren to have a gadget free day, where you gather fresh food and cook it together. Have an evening of board-games, share stories of your own childhood and plant the seeds that sometimes the greatest of fun can be found in the simple things.

Early Morning Wake-Up

Are you waking up at a specific time each morning such as 3am, 4am? This is the soul's call for you to enter into stillness and meditation as there is something specific the spiritual ream, your guides or angels want to share with you.

It can be a hard ask, but getting up, sitting with a cup of boiled water and inviting spirit to work with you at this time can yield you a lot in terms of spiritual awareness and growth, if you heed the call of spirit. Why do they call at such an ungodly hour? Because the energies are perfect for communication and in this time, you have the most opportune moment to experience your spiritual team without distractions.

So whatever this week brings you guys, listen above all else to your intuition. Go where you're guided, be observant without attachment, and hold the light within you on full beam.

Have a great week

Jill xx

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3 comentarios

Thank you xx. This explains why I've been waking up feeling tired even though I've not gone to bed late, same as Lynette.

Me gusta

Lynette Mitchell
Lynette Mitchell
08 mar 2022

Thank you for this Jill.. yes I have been wakening up tired even though I have been going to bed at a reasonable time. I had the strangest vivid dream in the early hours of Monday morning. I found that my husband had taken us to our home but it was the same house but different decor and furniture… it looked dated. I was trying to tell my husband this & he was telling me not be so silly that it was our home and furniture. Then a thought came to me in my dream that I must be in another dimension and again I tried to tell my husband this… next thing I remember is that I had a…

Me gusta

Heather  MacEwen
Heather MacEwen
07 mar 2022

A lot to take on Jill, but all makes so much sense. Thank you x

Me gusta
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