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Hi Guys,

Here are the energy updates for the week Monday 23 August upto Sunday 30th August.

Monday begins a cosmic energy change which is working on awakening you to what is really happening in and around you. This may cause you to realise that you have stopped seeing your beautiful qualities or appreciating your own unique qualities. Because you're failing to notice what you're achieving, this is also filtering out into your daily life which could be dragging you down.

Monday's energies are all about redressing imbalance. It could be that someone around you perhaps hasn't been honest with you, or there is a debt somewhere that has to be paid, either way, the energies say protect your blessings, don't let anyone take something that isn't theirs and also focus on staying grateful for all you have. Make time to ensure your needs, your dreams and how you value yourself, aren't overlooked.

Tuesday's energies will call for you to step away from the material world and immerse yourself in the natural energies of the planet. If you do have to go into work or into a city, it could be a difficult day as the energies will be full of conflict and animosity. This is all down to the mass consciousness holding deep rooted feelings of frustration, resentment and negativity. To protect yourself from the chaos of those who are holding a lower vibration, eat organic foods, carry crystals for additional support and find a tranquil place in nature where your energies and vibration can be kept harmonious. To help you eliminate toxic energies, try to make Tuesday a detox day.

Wednesday brings cosmic reminders of those lessons we're working on, so whatever comes up today, be it a memory of the past, a de ja vue, or you just feel you're living a groundhog day, recognise you are being called to let go and embrace the lesson.

As source energy there's something you desire, but emotionally aren't a vibrational match for what you want. You're allowing old energy patterns/ beliefs to keep your vibration from matching what you truly desire. Rather than wish things could be different, look at what can be reworked, improved, changed to help you open new doors.

Wednesday is about karmic lessons; rather than think you're powerless to change anything instead, change how you feel about what's going on. As source energy if you change what you feel, you release yourself from old patterns and vibrationally begin to move towards the very thing you want. Don't give up or in, work with what you feel, get excited about something. Start talking about what you're looking forward to and with each positive statement or action you take, you'll be clearing away karmic residue which needs to be released.

Thursday - You may feel very unclear or unsettled today. It could be the current energies make you feel that no matter what you try to do, nothing really ever seems to change.

If you're still and tune into your intuition, you'll uncover that despite what you're seeing around you, internally, your soul's compass is navigating you towards clearly seeing what needs to be said, done or felt.

Don't act on logic today, but allow your soul's compass to help you. It's more important than you think, that you allow your feelings/hunches/gut intuition to guide you. You may find there's a situation where you have to be brutally honest and feel scared about saying what you feel, but this time, it's imperative that you say how you feel and not what you think. Today could be very enlightening if you make time to hear your soul's calling.

Friday - Despite the barriers you may have faced or feel you're dealing with, you are making progress. It may seem painfully slow, but brick by brick, step-by-step, by considering your choices and decisions, you'll see everything that's unfolding. is to help you step away and leave behind something that no longer serves you.

You'll find by considering your options, a way through will become clear, where you can move forward without pain and you will see that it'is time to look at what needs to be replaced or reworked. Everything you've experienced these past few days has been about helping you trust yourself. rather than putting your trust in others or situation.

If something hasn't been working in your life, consider how your own thoughts or beliefs may have drawn this to you. It isn't about blame or being judgemental, it is about looking how you can reframe your own ideas and thoughts, so they serve you rather than others. Look at where you have forgotten to value yourself. When you find this, you'll see how to easily tackle what you once thought was an obstacle.

Saturday - As the energies begin to recede slightly, you could find yourself feeling stifled or down right bored with life. If this happens for you, then this is the cosmic forces showing you that you have failed to act or speak out on matters that are really important to you.

Saturday is about looking at what you have bottled up, held yourself back from and recognising that its time to let loose, have fun and do what you feel is so important to you.

You may not like to be confrontational, you may feel you're being selfish if you talk about what 'you' want or like, but if you continue to hold back on how you feel, what you like, desire, need or want, then you're accepting and saying to the universe that you're happy to live a half-life. Stir up this Saturday and make it a day where you say what you feel, when you feel it and don't worry about how others may take it or perceive it. Let the energies you've been bottling up for so long loose; otherwise you may well find you explode further down the line and do some real damage.

Sunday - Gentle energies breeze forward to herald a new week where emotional healing can begin to take place. Every soul has emotional scars but through those scars, you have grown in vibration, wisdom, intellect and knowledge.

Make the most of these gentle healing energies by resting, being gentle and kind with yourself. It couuld be you're in need of restful sleep, or time to meditate and regroup your energies. Whatever you decide to do this day, the energies will support you if you're wanting to clear, heal, balance and re-energise your mind, body and spirit.

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1 Comment

Lynette Mitchell
Lynette Mitchell
Aug 23, 2021

Thank you Jill I appreciate this guidance. The energies are very strong today, I can feel them pulsating as I sit in my home office 🙏🥰💕

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