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Emotional Balance

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, other people's negativity, impatience and issues after a period of time, can begin to wear down our resistance to the negative energies.

These few little tips may assist you: -

Negative people - Bless them silently and call on your angels to imbue them with beautiful white light. Ask that in the name of the divine this being be realigned with divine love and peace. Visualise the person underneath a beautiful shower of white rain, clearing and cleansing their issues and bringing blessings to them.

Angry people - Breathe deeply and quietly say to yourself, "I am love" as you breathe in, and "I am peace" as you release your breath. Listen to the person as they continue to display or give off angry vibes. Don't be drawn into debates or long conversations, but allow them to vent, say as little as possible but remain open, peaceful and loving. Ask your angels to help them diffuse their anger and see them being bathed in beautiful blue light.

Irritating people - Often it isn't the people who are irritating us, it is in fact that we are choosing to focus on what they are doing or not doing, that irritates us. Rather than allowing your mind to keep you focused on whatever is irritating you, consciously choose instead to focus on something else, or remove yourself if possible, from your immediate environment. Remember your power lies within you and you have the power to choose what you focus on. When you stop focusing on what is irritating you, it will cease to exist.

Where you can, bless every situation you find yourself in, to keep yourself balanced and protected from negative energies. Bless the opportunity to observe and learn. Bless this opportunity to be here at this time, to bring in and hold the presence of divine peace and love. Bless the divine and thank the divine for this opportunity to serve the greater good. By blessing everything, you open the door to seeing and experiencing miracles around you.

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