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Cosmic Pathways Into The Light - Serapis Bey & Metatron

Dearest ones, we come forward today on the rays of love and wisdom to bring you guidance and perhaps help you consider what your options are, when you desire to work on your ascension and how to integrate this into human life.

A New Year always is a time of wonderment and magic. Like a sorcerer with a new cauldron and wand, the potential of what magic you can create is upon all of you. Perhaps you are contemplating how you can make the most of the year to come. Perhaps you are contemplating how you can take that next step onto the pathway you desire the most.

Since 21sts December 2020, new cosmic pathways are now available to each and everyone one of you and the energies over the next three months may create within you the feeling or need to reconnect with either memories of your past as a child, or the place where you were brought up as a child.

Many of the foundations that humanity had built their societies on have crumbled or, are in a state of collapse, as Earth moved into the Age of Aquarius. These collective new cosmic pathways of light, which are now aligned with you all, can on some levels, make you long for home. You may feel a longing to be with estranged family or loved ones, and if this happens, this is because you are opening up a new aspect of your soul that enables you to awaken into full consciousness of your I AM essence. The need to feel connection with others or a special place will be uppermost in the minds of many through the coming months.

Humanity has been frozen for so long in duality, egoism and looking outside of itself to find validation. 2021 is about understanding that validation has to come from within and that during the coming months, the old patterns which you were used to are dying or gone, and once more new foundations are being built.

Therefore as you enter this period of reformation and rebuilding we would encourage you to look at where your intentions lie, what you hope to build for yourselves for your futures and to perhaps begin to perceive how life can be, now you are detached from the rat race and mayhem of modern-day living.

This is a super time to align your visions for yourself and your life through a higher consciousness. The new cosmic pathways are gently shifting you in consciousness and awakening within you the need to redefine what life and home mean to you.

This year will very much be a journey for all of you into the heart. Many of you will begin to feel these higher frequencies and a new desire to prepare new foundations where oneness, inclusiveness and welcoming of each other begin to take form. As you take these steps a higher vibration of love will bring many of you a feeling of inner comfort and peace.

Whilst you may have your challenges, because you have moved into this higher vibration, many of you will find your challenges overcome by remaining peaceful and clear in your communications. Some of you may not feel at one with what we say, but by seeing that everything is not falling down but breaking through to clear the way, it will help you feel the support and guidance we are bringing to each and every one of you.

The light within your world is growing. It may seem a dark place but the golden light of a new dawn, a new beginning and new year is breaking through and each and every one of you both consciously and unconsciously is already to prepare the way for better times.

During this year it is important that you understand if you want something you must begin to ask. By asking and prophesying what you need you will enable everything to be birthed into being at the most opportune time. When we talk of prophesying, we are asking you to talk about what you are looking forward to being, seeing, having or doing. Rather than saying "when I..." or "If I..." just say what you are "looking forward to" that way, you are telling the universe and us that you are ready to receive. The golden dawn of ascension is now slowly rising,

Never before has the communication lines between the realm of spirit and humanity been so accessible or clear. We wrap you in golden light and as you to be open to the powerful times in which you live and that far from being helpless, victims of circumstance, you are all masters of the new dawn. What you hold within you will mirror a future of golden light abundance or keep you locked in the old dark prisons of fear.

We ask that you do not allow anything or anyone to keep you paralysed in fear. We also include you doing this to yourself, there is no such thing as failure. No such thing as being at risk of anything or anyone. You are pure spirit, pure light, indestructible and therefore you have within you the power to transform everything through your own light consciousness.

Know that you are never judged, you are the master of all your experiences, so show yourself some compassion and caring, and through this, all will become manifest.

Thank you for being open to receiving our guidance this day.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey & Archangel Metatron.

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