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Ascension Stages of Inner Awakening - Archangel Gabriel

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Greetings Beloved Ones,

Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, humanity is beginning to finally find its wings of freedom and move ever nearer towards unity consciousness.

Due to the multiverse experiencing a major cycle energy upgrade, many souls will be entering into deep and personal awakening. Depending on the stage of your own soul's development certain opportunities will come to light to assist in helping you birth into a new level of being.

Younger souls will be tapping into energies which create a deep need to create new adventures and projects. The need to leave behind a lot of the old way of being will be uppermost in their hearts, mind and soul. These souls will be looking to create new foundations with major changes such a career and relocation moves. The focus will be very much about new ideas which help to support a new way of being, this will include a deep desire to change or take greater care of their physical bodies.

Due to the burst of energies, these younger souls are aligning with the sense of the spiritual realm of hope, happiness and joy of potentiality. Due to these souls tapping into the new higher vibrations it is important that they think things through carefully and not rush into anything, as part of their soul's journey at this time will include the important lesson of learning to do things methodically. The mass-conscious lesson for young souls is to learn there are no short cuts and for everything to come to fruition it requires focus, methodology and determination whilst keeping hope, joy and happiness very much as the foundations of their new beginnings.

Secondary Souls are now entering into a period where they are beginning to recognise their ability to pick up and sense light frequencies and the presence of spirit. A very meaning soul awakening is unfolding for these souls. Similar to younger souls, they too are beginning to recognise the need for new beginnings, but this time, they are becoming aware of how much they have changed within themselves.

These souls will be beginning to recognise they are no longer the same vibration as others and that there is a need to change their relationships for new ones. At the same time, these souls will be awakening to the realisation that there are no rights and wrongs just different views and opinions. Whilst it may seem a sad time that a lot of relationships are coming to an end, it is important to recognise that karmically, important pivotal soul lessons are being completed and making way for new relationships and beginnings. One of the lessons for these souls at this time, is to recognise the love that is ever-present in all aspects of life, and the light experiences that have been shared together.

Similar to the younger souls, these secondary souls will be moving into new experiences where they see self-love and self-worth as an integral part of their new relationships. Addressing the balance of their emotions and seeing each other as being one and equal will be uppermost in the choices these souls make at this time. It is essential that if you are feeling and recognising these energies you understand how important it is for you to relinquish the need for control and enter into a willingness to let go. Being able to surrender to this, will really help you complete this important part of your soul's journey.

Elder Souls are now awakening to the realisation of the growth they have achieved whilst in their current physical form. Working on expanding their own enlightened aspects, these souls instead of pushing forward into new territories and new beginnings are actually wanting to take a step back, slow down and enjoy the magic of life that is just unfolding and revealing itself. Watching the miracles of nature, catching glimpses of shooting skies and the rising of the dawn sun, are all the calls these souls will be tuning into. It is as though they want to capture the magic of life, of nature, of the world around them and drink it all in. The need to push, be, arrive at anything has now given way to a deep soul acceptance of who they are and where they are.

The time for Elder souls to enter into a deeper collective consciousness is taking place and they are now shifting their frequencies into the importance of mirroring love and light into the world. Elder souls are now understanding it is now not so much about doing but being. Self-awakening, self-awareness and awareness of their own multi-dimensionality is merging with the collective consciousness to expand the love-light vibration of creator essence into the physical world.

Elder souls have already gone through their own personal dark nights of the soul, they have gained deep understanding of polarity, 3D fear consciousness and they now are able to see the patterns and energy frequencies that helped them uncover the valuable lessons and experiences they have been given thus far. Elder souls are now entering into a period of deep gratitude for all that they have, and still are yet to have.

Elder souls have now separated from polarity consciousness and are able to see their own magnificent soul aspects that they are here to shine onto and into the world. They are entering full open-hearted consciousness devoid of ego.

The elder souls agreed to be a collective rebirthing energy for humanity and they now are here to hold the higher vibrations that enable the secondary and primary souls to break free of the 3D illusion. And so it is, that these radiant souls are assisting others in breaking free of fear and duality.

Whilst it may seem these elder souls have arrived at enlightenment, there will still be soul challenges for them, for not everything is complete. These souls will still face soul lessons of learning to stay in their higher frequency of light. They will be challenged to remember they are one and the same essence as the creator.

This means they will be looking back upon their life story thus far and looking at how they can continue to weave love and light into their new story which is unfolding. They will be very much learning to spread their soul wings and remain authentic to what they know in their hearts is important for the greater good. At this time, they can expect their own spiritual philosophies to be challenged, new ways of working with spirit will present themselves and learning to control dimensional shifting will become a big part of their soul's unfoldment.

They will still be in a process of validating their own spiritual path, but a stronger, truer connection will begin to be realised as they venture forth on this path. Elder souls are now seeing that many roads to heaven and spirit lie not without them but within. Learning to exist in a multi-dimensional world will be at the heart, mind and soul of these beautiful souls.

Ancient souls have awoken to the realisation that the doorway to the divine, to freedom and peace, is to be completely still so they could see much more clearly than ever before the mission of their own soul.e the deepest dark night of the soul, these beautiful ancient souls have spent much time in deep meditation and reflection, and they have rerouted their journey by surrendering all and allowing the divine flow of the multiverse to guide them.

Ancient souls have awoken to the realisation that the doorway to the divine, to freedom and peace is to be completely still so they can see much more clearly than ever before the mission of their own soul.

These souls are in the final stages of complete release of who they aren't. It may have seemed for these souls that they have been on a complete negative downturn, but in truth, they have not been breaking down, but breaking through.

As their bodies filter through higher light and higher frequencies, a new inner strength is being reborn within them. They have begun their own initiation into soul mastery and their own aura is now vibrating with the multiversal colours and sound of their own multiversal soul. These ancient souls now understand that sharing love source energy with other souls is the totality of their being. Ancient souls are here to help others feel they are heard, they are valued, they are connected.

Like ascended masters, they hold a sacred light space for others to express their emotions and soul needs. These souls understand that by being there for others they are fulfilling their soul's purpose just by being. Even at this stage of these soul's evolution, there is still much work to complete. These ancient souls now are in the process of creating new foundations. They will be stripping away the beliefs they adopted in the past, and now moving forward into higher frequencies of soul expansion. In order to accomplish their mission, they must fully embrace their soul's compass and listen to the urgings of their soul. By doing this a greater and more powerful new chapter in their soul's journey will begin.

These souls are in the final stages of complete release of who they aren't. It may have seemed for these souls that they and their lives have been on a complete negative downturn, but in truth, they have not been breaking down, but breaking through.

Don't view the soul levels as being separate or different, for all is part of creation and that each level is an integral part of the whole. One cannot exist without the other. Just as life is always in a constant state of life~death~rebirth, so too are you. Yesterday has died and a new day was born this morning for you to explore and express your love-light energy. The new vibrations that you are moving into are breaking you free of fear, free of control and free of feeling isolation or separation. You are all souls of creation through which life and light are in eternal ebb and flows. You are all one divine energy.

As you birth into whatever level you are working on, know that together you are all one, a collective energy of love and light and the time of remembering this is upon you all.

As above, so below,

I love you all


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