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No.1 - DEATH

You are entering a phase of your life where it is time for something that no longer serves you to leave. Many of the values you had are being replaced and you will begin to feel that you are able to draw a line under your past. It may be helpful to explore issues of feeling abandoned, as your higher-self is calling for you to seek time to be alone, and your lower-self will resist this due to issues with abandonment

You are aware it is time for a new beginning, so be aware it is time to step into being courageous and not procrastinate any longer. Don’t spend time with anyone who isn’t supportive of you moving on. New vistas are about to open up, as long as you are sincere and ready, things will go smoothly. You aren’t normally a person who likes changes because you are afraid that what you try to do, you will fail at, but you cannot afford to stop now, it is time to accept you have reached the end of this particular life’s chapter and now it is time for a new you and a new life.


You have completed a phase in your life and it’s time to recognise you need either a new home or a new career. Financial success is on the cards and also if you’re not in a relationship, a new relationship could arrive when you least expect it. You are at the top of your game emotionally so it’s time to enjoy this period in your life. It has taken you a long time to grow into accepting yourself, but now you have, you can expect everything to begin to bloom around you. The more at ease you are with yourself, the more progress you’ll make.


Archangel Michael is leading you through this period of self-awareness, he asks that you do not shy away from any upsetting conflict or fight. He asks you to use your energies to fight for what you believe is best for you. Don’t be disappointed if others don’t see things your way, or agree with you. You will find your way through and success will happen but you have to be willing to fight for what is important to you. See that you are being taught to learn to trust in yourself. You may well feel it’s time for a change or you may desire to take a journey to somewhere different, however, you cannot run from your soul lessons which are to learn to stand up for yourself and trust your own intuition. If you want to win, believe you have the ability to make it so. The more you believe in yourself, the more success will come your way. Your self-awareness is being strengthened and if you want to achieve your goals then don’t allow others to trample over you and your needs. Archangel Michael reminds you that you are important and what is important is worth fighting for.


You are in a process of fertility, it is time to recognise what is really worth the investment of your energies. You have had to be independent for so long that you often like to be in control, which can be good in some circumstances, yet on another level, it is important that when you experience struggles you don’t become too guarded. At this time Gabriel asks you to work more deeply with your own intuition to help you reach the success you desire. Your past may have prayed more on your mind recently, particularly, where you have had many difficulties and misunderstandings. These memories have surfaced to help you remember the strength that lies within you. Embrace this period of reawakening to the realisation of how powerful and how forceful you can be when life appears to be holding you back. A strong force is beginning to unfold within you and there is a great need for you to socialise with others. Perhaps it’s time to throw a party or arrange a celebration. Look at what aspect of your life has brought you so much experience and how you can use those powerful experiences to help you change your life.

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