Algalithian Energy Reading

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1) You are entering a time of new journeys and new beginnings. However, that journey, that new beginning requires you to start from within yourself.

Make some time to consider what toxic stories, experiences or emotions you have yet to heal. Consider when was the last time you were in awe of something. Going within begins the journey of AWEsomeness.

You have so much within you. Go on a voyage of discovery of the self. Opportunities will arise for you to visit new places, meet new people and explore. It is time to release yourself from familiarity and acknowledge it is time you changed from the inside out. You are changing! Your needs are changing and who you are becoming is changing so stop prevaricating and get going by making some big changes in your life, if you do this now, you will never look back and regret it.

2) Magical energies are surrounding you, but because of this, you feel somewhat lost or alone. Your soul is yearning to feel a simple connection with the world, your soul is presenting you with an opportunity to release yourself from conditioning. It matters not what others think or says right now. *

You need open spaces. You need to tap into your ancient, inner self and deconstruct the labels you have given yourself. Instead of conforming and fitting in, move into peace with yourself. You need simplicity right now, surround yourself with those who offer you simple affection and connection. If you can’t find it, then make new friendships with those who are gentle, joyful and non-judgemental.

3) Not sure which way to go? You have had a lot of challenges and you have been trying to keep the momentum going for so long, it may seem you have forgotten why you began all this in the first place. You are on the edge, do you jump or stay where you are?

  • Your challenge is for you to push yourself a little further, but push yourself further into something completely opposite, or different to what you are already doing. If you want to begin a new chapter in your life, then don’t look at where you have come from. *

Look at where you want to go. Your problem lies in your unwillingness to change your schedule, your habits or your beliefs in order to transform. Dig deep and find your curiosity, find the magic and excitement of what could be, if you would be willing to change. Only by moving into willingness can things improve for you.

4) You are a spiritual trailblazer. You were never meant to fit in or follow the norm. Others may see you as a rebel an outsider, but in truth, you are a free spirit, right now it feels like you don’t know where you belong, where to go, who to be with and where in the big scheme of the universe you truly fit in. *

*Your quest is to embrace your individuality. Embrace your human spirit and most importantly of all, you need to recognise you are a precious sou. You are here to challenge others to discover their own unique talents and embrace them. You may make others feel uncomfortable, but that is because you are there to remind them conforming, fitting in, means living a life that isn’t free. *

You are such a rare and beautiful spirit, be outside under the stars and ask the universe to reveal to you your potential. Gaze at the stars and allow your cosmic wisdom to be illuminated by the energies of the cosmos. Remember you are meant to be unconventional. It is good to surprise others, to be free, to play, to sing, to laugh and to love. Never allow yourself to be defined by others, allow the magic within you to unfold.

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