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Algalithian 2 - Energy Reading

Look at the picture below and choose an image that resonates with you, then find the corresponding number to receive your message from the starseeds.

Once you've read your message from the Algalithians below, be sure to share your comments on your reading with us, also feel free to share this post with your friends on social media.

Algalithian Energy Reading - ANSWER TIME FOLKS…

(1) You are in a chameleon stage. The challenges you face and experience offer you the lessons of independence, self-mastery and self-sufficiency. Ascended Lord Kuthumi is overlighting this stage of your evolution and it calls for you to learn leadership of self and others. Independence calls for you see the universal flow through all things. There is nothing you need do but focus on your own unfolding and how you react to it.

(2) The Algalithians support you and remind you that you are an integral part of the universe. As you move into the birthing of the new human, you will be clearing karmic imprints where you ignored the needs of others. Learning to distance yourself from the chaos and drama and intuitively understanding the soul’s process that is unfolding is key to moving and operating from your Lightbody. To help you achieve this, remember to be diplomatic, but at the same time, remain non-influential as to the choices others are facing, as they go through their own soul lessons.

(3) You are currently in the process of balancing the needs of your lower-self with your higher self. Whilst it is good to have dreams and aspirations, you need greater practice in holding and working with your own inner power. Stop remembering the past, the negative experiences and rewrite your inner story of what is to come in a more positive light and in a way that shows you trust in the universe.

(4) You have lived life on planet Earth and off-planet and you may have been questioning recently what you’re really doing here. However, you are about to start a journey that will validate who you are and why you are here. You really know why you’re here, but you have moved into humanoid thinking instead of connecting with your Lightbody. It is time to recognise there is no beginning, there is no end, there is no process you have to work through to prove your worth. It would greatly help you to try and see the spiritual lesson in everything you are experiencing. By this, we mean, how does the experience assist you in spiritually awakening. Focus on what you hear, feel and see. Feel the energy of what you are experiencing.

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