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2021 NEW DNA LIGHT ACTIVATION - Ascended Master Mary Magdalene

Beloved ones I come to you at this time to offer my love and support to all of humanity. From the spiritual rea

lm, humanity can be seen as a beautiful shimmering rainbow of light. Just as you may gaze at the Northern Lights and become mesmerised by the beautiful colours, here in the spirit realm, we view humanity the same.

I chose to speak with you today for I know how so many of you are grieving and feeling lost and dissatisfied. However, whilst it may seem that life is a very dark experience, I want to assure you that deep within your own DNA new light activations are taking place within your cells. These light activations are helping to eradicate fear and negative energies.

What is this really light doing? It is clearing old implants and imprints and as they clear away, your light my beloved is growing brighter and brighter. You are all becoming a beautiful hologram of crystalised high-frequency light. Your planet is where all consciousness exists throughout all timelines and dimensions. Earth is such an important portal for all souls to travel through from one dimension to another. This means that if you so choose, you have access to so many dimensions and spiritual masters and teachers. Everything is accessible to you.

Humanity is now in the process of separating from duality, and as you move out of the paradigm of duality, you should find a new feeling of hope beginning to fill your hearts and minds. Even though things may not appear on the surface to reflect what I say, your own DNA and cells are expanding with light and into higher frequencies. As the light expands and your emotions align more and more with the higher collective consciousness, you will find your connection with your own heart chakra deepening. This is a very good time for working on your heart chakra.

As your old karmic influences are released over the next few days, it may help you to understand that when a soul becomes attached to people or things, it makes the transition from duality to unity very difficult. Therefore, if you can spend a little time considering where and what you are attached to it will help you increase your own light quotient. Often when I speak of non-attachment people are under the illusion that you are meant to be emotionally impartial to others. Some believe this means you are not meant to care but this is far from it. You can love someone or something without attachment.

As you go through this festive period I'd like to encourage you to give some thought as to how much you served others this year? How much energy did you contribute that was positive and light when you came upon darkness and negativity?

When you serve others, you add to your spiritual frequency if you serve with sincerity. As a New Year approaches, it is very helpful to consider how much of your own life purpose you have fulfilled during this year.

I used to love this time of year to consider how much karma I had removed. I would sit and look at the sky at night and consider before I begin a new year, how much difference I had made in the world this year, along with what spiritual lessons I had learnt along the way. Sometimes we can lose sight of our spiritual mission, this is why I so loved looking back and reflecting on how much of that year I had worked on my own spirituality and making a difference in the world.

By taking time to reflect, you gift yourself the opportunity to see how to embrace the coming year. It helps you to think about those things where you want to make a greater impact, it can highlight areas where you feel the need to change, or perhaps let go of something altogether. What was the collective emotion of the year you had experienced? In other words how much of your year was joyful, sad, fearful, uplifting, etc, etc. What aspects of your own soul's needs had you fulfilled and what plans do you need to make for your own spiritual journey over the coming new year?

Humanity often makes new year resolutions, but when I walked upon the earth, we used the time to set our intentions. We asked for spirit to open our hearts and minds to how we could bring greater awakening and healing to Earth. We asked for our purpose in the New Year to be clear and true so we could work for the highest good.

2021 for humanity will expose many aspects of the ego which have to be dealt with before true awakening and healing can take place. Humanities intention for 2021 must be to awaken to the realisation that it is time to rebuild society from a position of newness, without judgement or agenda, and to ensure that whatever choices are made, work towards creating unity.

2021 will be a time of coming together building new foundations that are heart-centred rather than ego-centred. So many of you can achieve this now, just open your hearts and minds to what you can do to help each other feel whole.

At a time when you want to shout at someone, instead breathe. Smile and ask how you can help someone without disabling them. Rather than showing fear or anger, choose love and compassion. Seek to be a vessel of peace in the midst of chaos. By doing this, you will be merging your light with our higher frequencies, supporting and creating a better world for mankind and planet Earth.

Try if you can, to embrace all injustice as a spiritual test that with love and unity can be overcome. Look at using your emotions to build rather than destroy. In 2021 a new consciousness is being born within each and each man, woman and child. You all really do have this wonderful opportunity to step away from victimhood, injustice and fear.

Be proud that you are all taking part in the greatest evolution of human history, every purpose of each and every one of you is so important and powerful. So beloved ones, use your spiritual magnificence, your spiritual tools, gifts and hearts. Make 2021 the year you live your purpose, with loving intent, and spread your light, your love, compassion and joy as far and as wide as you possibly can.


I love you all

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Becky Prante
Becky Prante
24 de dez. de 2020

What a beautiful and uplifting message. Thank you for sharing this with us. Sometimes I get frustrated as the old patterns seem to return, but this reminder it isn't if they return but how we handle them that is most important. The heart has been the recurring message I have been feeling and working with and also the light in all the cells. So happy to have a confirmation.

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