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10:22:22 - Synchronicity Message

Do you keep seeing 10:10 or 22:22? If so there may be a message for you from your Spirit Guides and Angels. Check this out...

Look at the image and see which one you are drawn to, pick only one. The answers are below.

If you cannot choose JUST ONE image, then this guidance is not for you.







Image 1 - Destiny is calling

Your spirit guides are trying to get your attention because it is vital you stay faithful and true to who you are. You are walking on a winding stairway which makes you feel like you're going round and round in circles, but you are one a very unique path which is leading you to understand and know your higher-self on a much deeper level.

For some reason, you have been doubting yourself more than usual and feeling less confident about yourself and your future. Your spirit guides ask you to not be downhearted. They say, holding positive thoughts and carrying hope in your heart is really important as you move through a special spiritual lesson.

The way you handle your current challenges will offer you shortly, a choice of two new paths upon which to walk. Some call those paths destiny, some call them fate, either way, you have the choice right now to choose a path where you can be more truer to yourself.

Your spirit guides are prompting you to remember who you are, what you want and to choose only those opportunities that help you to fulfil your potential, by doing this, all will be well. It's time to choose and create a new destiny, it can be one of mediocrity or one of greatness, it is your own free choice which will determine the pathway you take. To help you, look at and only deal with that which you have the power to change. Anything else, allow your angels to take care of it, keep moving forward and don't give you on yourself and what life can hold for you, you've got this!

Image 2 - Spiritual Growth

Spiritually you are seeking peace. The peace you seek is within you and this is a very important lesson for you right now. Your everyday life is filled with stress and strife and it is time to learn to hold and harness the power of inner peace.

Inner peace is about seeing everything for what it is and accepting it. Inner peace within, is the key to your spiritual growth and your ability to sense, and feel the spirit world around you.

Your guides are asking you now to create an inner sanctuary, so that you can be at peace. Right now, you are asked to come to terms with inner guilt or shame. Whatever you are feeling bad about, your guides ask you to see that all was necessary for your own path to unfold. Embrace and give thanks for the lessons and choices you have experienced. Acknowledge that each lesson has helped you onto a new path and opened up your awareness to a deeper understanding of self and others.

Image 3 - Fear of Change

Your spirit guides are aware you are afraid of what the future holds, but it is time to stop clinging to old situations, people, places and breathe new life into your way of being.

Change need not be devastating and if you see change as a way to improve and bring you greater knowledge and soul growth, it will help you to recognise how many gifts the universe is bringing to you.

For some time now your loved ones, your angels and your spirit guides have been trying to prompt you to embrace change. They have tried little prompts, bigger prompts and as you seem to be ignoring them, they now have to tell you that if you don't embrace change with positivity and willingness, then beware! When you fail to act upon the changes offered to you, the universe will respond by taking something or someone from you to force you to embrace the new path and new life being offered to you. It can be a harsh lesson to experience, but it doesn't have to be that way.

The lessons can be simple if you start to accept what you feel and where you are in life. If you hate your job, don't be afraid to leave. Recognise it is time to let go and move on. If you're single or in a relationship that isn't working, it is time to clarify what you want from a partner so that you can have a more fulfilling and happier relationship. Don't be afraid to leave. If you're single, don't be afraid to try again.

If your finances are dire, accept you may have to make some difficult decisions to move in a new direction, but you can recoup your losses and profit by taking charge.

If you've had health issues, what you are experiencing is a result of your resistance to letting go. Don't work against the universe, move into allowing and allow those changes to take place.

If none of the aforementioned appears to resonate with you, then the final guide relates to your spiritual side. Transformation can only happen when you are willing to surrender, therefore there is some aspect of yourself, which you need to recognise needs to die. This normally happens when you are trying to be something or someone you're not. All of your obstacles and challenges are trying to teach you spiritual empowerment

Image 4 - Unified Field

Your spirit guides tell you that you have completed a lot of soul challenges recently and now you are about to begin to see tangible results. With persistence, intelligence and keeping a clear vision of what you want, you will have your cherished dream become a reality.

Right now, your ability to manifest is at its highest, therefore maintain your drive, your ambition and keep your desires and dreams alive. Luck, providence and good fortune will shine upon you if you continue to believe in yourself and your abilities.

You are currently tuned in to very high frequencies so this would be a great time for you to explore lucid dreaming or out-of-body travelling. Work on your spiritual growth is about to be accelerated so be sure to spend time in daily meditation, even if it is just for five minutes.

You are currently tuned in to very high frequencies, so this would be a great time for you to explore lucid dreaming or out-of-body travelling. Work on your spiritual growth is about to be accelerated so be sure to spend time in daily meditation, even if it is just for five minutes.

If you've been meaning to write a book, launch a business then you have the green light from spirit. Whilst others may not see your dreams as being something that can be a reality, stay committed to following your dreams. Keep everything to yourself and don't tell everyone what you're planning to do. This way, you will save yourself from those who want to try and sabotage you. They won't be doing this because they are mean or evil, they will do this because they will fear that if you change, they will lose you in some way.

So when you keep seeing the synchronicity in numbers on a regular basis, be sure to recognise it is your guides reminding you to never quit and to rise to the challenges before you.

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