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Archangel Michael - Self-Realisation

Today it is time to do away with the illusion of being, and just be you. Those who like you, will be drawn to you and join you on this journey of life. Those with different personalities and soul needs, will move off in a different direction.

A soul is always aiming to achieve ‘self-realisation’. To be self-realised means that you have no need to prove anything to anyone. A self-realised soul possesses self-esteem, self-love and self-respect.

As long as you are aware of your own actions, and try to ensure your choices and actions are born out of love, then you will live a life of inner truth, happiness and abundance.

All the obstacles you have faced in your life, have been experienced so you can learn important life lessons, and lay the foundations for success later in life.

I would ask you consider if you are using the right motivators. Are you more motivated by fear of failure, than believing you deserve to be successful?

Life is not just about the destination. Take time to recognise your own successes. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts, instead of thinking about moving onto the next step forward. Isn't it time you accepted yourself, instead of looking to others to accept you?

Please do not view what we bring to you, as a reprimand. Please look at how your choices and actions are bringing about those things, that do not support your own spiritual and personal evolution. At times we have to face things about ourselves that we may not wish to acknowledge, but be very aware you cannot fix, what you are not willing to face and acknowledge.

Overcome any lack of self-confidence. By training and perseverance, you can in time, achieve the goals you set yourself. If you don't succeed, try and try again, we will help you. Remember each time you don't succeed, you are learning more about what will and won't work, so it is never a waste of effort or time. Each attempt will help you become stronger and more efficient. Great satisfaction and success can be achieved; if you rise to the challenge, you will achieve success.

Do not see yourself as a failure, for you have endured much and you can use your experience to help and inspire others.

Always remember that your angels see you as a person who walks in light, love and truth and it is through this, that you will manifest your own success and greatness.

Archangel Michael.

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