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Archangel Metatron - A Hole In Your Heart


How many elephants do you have in your room? You may wonder why I ask that question, but every human soul has things that they perhaps regret. Yet in order to be able to move on, isn't it time to stop judging others, yourself and accept everything so it can heal?

Your soul is a perfect orb of beautiful source energy, it is only in the human form that its own power is forgotten. Perhaps someone talked you into doing something that you deeply regret. Perhaps someone said something that made you act or say something you didn't really mean or want to do. If you know that somewhere in your past you hurt another soul, then you will have created a hole in your heart that is in need of healing.

To be a free soul, you have to be aware of all those times when you allowed other people's thoughts or opinions to reshape or change what was in your heart, thereby robbing you of happiness or joy. When you hold yourself back from joy, you hold back your ability to live.

Don't judge yourself as being weak, bad, wrong or any other negative word you can use to continue to punish yourself. Instead, look at expanding your spirit of goodness. If you let someone go in your life because others said they weren't good for you, or right for you, they may have had a point, but the choice you make has to be yours and yours alone. If you acted in a way towards someone else that now you regret, forgive yourself and be grateful that you are able to see and understand the lesson and experience you have, so you never have to make that same mistake again.

Whatever you are holding onto, by addressing 'the elephants in your space', you enable your soul to fly higher and freer than ever before. Explore why it is you do not trust what is born from within you? Explore why it is that others hold a greater sway over the way your life is enacted, rather than allowing the divine source of love and light to guide you.

To get yourself back on track, begin to make those choices which only lead you to joy and love. Forgive yourself, others, situations and anything else that needs clearing and feel how empowered this makes you feel. Once you can feel this, then you have divine choice whether to put something right that you knew was wrong, or walk a different path.

For today, don't allow others to diminish how much joy and freedom you have. Don't let others hinder you ability to explore the divine nature of your own soul and how it wishes to experience itself and life. Only when you face and deal with those things which are sitting in the back of your mind, will the hole in your heart be healed.

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