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Negative Energy & Entity Detachment

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Negative Energy & Entity Detachment
Negative Energy & Entity Detachment


2023年5月16日 19:30 GMT+1 – 2023年5月17日 20:30 GMT+1

Zoom Online



In this informative webinar, find out about the different forms of entity attachments, and how negative energies and entities interact with us. 

In this webinar we will explore: - 

  • What feeds entities and negative energy
  • Why the law of attraction and the law of intention impact your ability to attract negative energies and entities.
  • The difference between trapped souls and lost souls.
  • How your physical, emotional and mental state impacts your ability to attract negativity and entity attachment
  • How negative implants work and how to remove them
  • Understanding the power of the soul to transmute to release negative energy and entity attachments
  • Why it's important to understand the soul importance of negative energy and entity attachment

Rather than view negative energy and entity attachments as something out of a horror movie. Join us to uncover the angel's view and how to protect yourself from the impact of negative energies, negative people and entity attachments.


  • Negativity Detachment Webinar

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