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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Your angels, act as intermediaries between you and the Creator. They have the ability to alter time, events, and outcomes. As long as it serves the greater good for all concerned and it does not interfere with anyone’s personal soul’s journey, they can help us in many ways.

For example, let’s say you wanted to become an actor but didn’t know of any acting schools near you and where ever you have looked you’ve been unable to find the right place, at the right price for you. Your angels can engineer a chance meeting with someone who will know exactly where you need to go and how to get there. This could be a chance meeting at a coffee shop or a telephone conversation with a stranger. At the right time, our angels will always help us align with what we need.

Sometimes if you find yourself stranded, the angels can send someone to help you. There are often many true stories from people where their car broke down in a very remote area and out of the blue someone has turned up and been able to help them and then disappeared.

In my previous post, what is a guardian angel, I did mention that you can call on your angels as often as you like, but what if you feel you need specific help with a problem? If you don’t know which Archangel to call on, ask your guardian angel to connect you with the angels who are experts at whatever issue you feel you have.

For example, you can ask your guardian angel to ask the following types of angels who specialise in the area of your concern to help you: –

Abundance Angels – When you find you have financial issues, need a little boost in your income sector or you are trying to create the deposit for your dream home. Asking your abundance angels for a most beneficial outcome in achieving ??? and finish by saying ‘Thank You’.

Birthing Angels – If you’re pregnant, or trying to bring a dream to fruition, such as create a new business or project, call on the Universe/the Creator, or again, ask your Guardian angels to connect you with angels who specialise in childbirth and especially Archangel Gabriel.

Crisis Angels – Occasionally we find ourselves in the midst of a crisis and we really can’t think straight, this is when it is best to call for all angels of the angelic realm who work at the highest level to assist you in dealing with the crisis. Initially, they will bring a sense of calm and peace to the energies around you. By sitting down and taking a moment to call on those angelic beings of the highest level who can help you in your time of need, you will notice a sense of peace enfold you. This will enable you to change the energies of the crisis and it will enable you to think more clearly. You can also, at this stage, ask the crisis angels to assist you in what needs to be done to overcome your struggles.

Dieting Angels – Yes, there are angels who can help you to stay focused on your dieting regime. You can ask your dieting angels to help you choose on those foods which nourish and feed your body what it needs. You can ask your angels to help deter you from cravings and things that you tend to find it hard to resist, such as bread, cakes, biscuits, alcoholic drinks.

Divorce Angels – If you are in the midst of a break-up with a partner, you can call upon the angels who deal with divorce and separation to assist you through this process. As well as working with divorce angels, you can ask your guardian angel to speak with your partner’s guardian angel to help heal the situation and ensure communication is kept clear with loving intent.

Family Angels – Need a little help with your family? Whether it is family disputes, trouble with raising your children, supporting children with special needs, you will find asking the universe/the creator, or your guardian angel, to send you a host of family angels will bring you the help you need. If you need a peaceful environment or protection of your home, the family angels will assist you all they can.

Gardening Angels – These angels are often referred to as elementals, perhaps you might have a belief in fairies, elves, or nature spirits. These particular angels can help you growing and taking care of your garden. They can help guide you to the right plants and flowers for your garden and where to plant everything for the best possible results. If you need help with birds, insects, or butterflies to help pollinate your plants, simply giving your gardening angels permission to do whatever needs to be done will ensure your garden will grow.

Healing Angels – Calling on Archangel Raphael and his ministering healing angels will help you with any healing issues or worries you have. From helping you to find the right medical practitioner for your needs or hospital or an alternative healer. Simply calling on Archangel Raphael and asking for their assistance will help you begin to receive their loving healing energies. As well as physical healing, you can also Call on Archangel Raphael or Archangel Uriel for assistance and support any mental illness you or another may be struggling with.

House Moving Angels – Are you looking for a new home but can’t seem to find where the house of your dreams? These special angels will, if asked, guide you to the best house for you, which is within your budget. If you need help with finance you can ask your finance angels and your house moving angels to work together to help you relocate with ease.

Romance Angels – If you feel your love life could do with a lift, or you are seeking your sacred twin-flame, these particular angels can help support you in achieving your desires. They are particularly good at helping you receive guidance and signs on how healthy and true your relationships are.

Travel Angels – If you need help getting from one place to the next safely, or you simply need a parking space. Asking your travelling angels to ensure you arrive safely at your destination with a safe place to park your car, will help your travel plans go without a hitch. From protecting your car, luggage or passengers, these lovely angels love nothing more than supporting you where ever you need to go.

Common Questions About Asking For Assistance From Angels

1. Can I only ask one set of angels for something at a time?

No, if you’re in the midst of moving house, you can call on those angels who can assist you with moving. Family angels to assist you all in remaining peaceful and calm during this time of transition. You can also ask the Travel angels to protect your items during transit. If you’re particularly stressed you can also call in the crisis angels too. There are no limits to how many angels you can ask for assistance.

2. Will my angels get annoyed if I keep asking for help?

No, they really do not mind how many times you ask. It is a good idea to ask and then wait a while to see how things unfold. But, you can repeat requests if things don’t seem to be moving as quickly as you’d like. Be sure to ask your angels that if it isn’t in your best interests to have what you have requested, could they please give you a sign or guide you to what they feel is best. We have to remember that sometimes our angels have to say ‘No’, to our requests. It doesn’t mean we have been bad or done something wrong, sometimes, we may be about to make a very big mistake which could set up back for a long time. So if in doubt, ask your angels to clarify the situation for you so you can understand why something isn’t progressing as you’d like.

3. If I keep asking the angels for help am I stopping them from helping other people?

No, there are billions of angels and enough angelic support for all of us. The angels have an unending supply of energies, healing, love, and light to support us with what we need.

4. Do I have to ask for angel help in a specific way?

There isn’t any specific way you need to ask your angels for help. Simply asking them is sufficient. Some people like to pray to their angels. Some people like to enter into meditation to sense the presence of their angels before asking. You can even write your angels a letter and then burn it so the intention is carried by the smoke to the angels. As long as your intention is there, your angels will do what they can to help you.

5. What is the best way to ask for help from angels?

Ask your angels in a way that feels most natural and easy for you. You can, if you wish to ask them for a most beneficial outcome, which is my preferred method of asking for angelic support, but one way really isn’t better than another. If you’d like to ask for a most beneficial outcome, all you need to do is say “Angels, I ask for a most beneficial outcome in (say what you need or want). Thank you angels”

Here are a few examples: –

“Angels, I ask for a most beneficial outcome in reducing my financial expenditure by 25% within the next six months, thank you”

“Angels, I ask for the most beneficial outcome in finding the most perfect home for our family as quickly as possible. Please send the best person to buy our property as quickly as possible, so that my family can feel secure and settled. Thank you”

“Angels, I ask for the most beneficial outcome in finding a parking space in town today. Thank you”

Asking your angels doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is speak to them like you would if they were your best friend. Just remember to always say please and thank you.

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