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Belly Bloat

We all suffer from time to time with bloating, whether it's hormonal or because we've overdone eating and drinking there are some really quick home remedies we can do to help tackle the problem. One of my favourites is to create my own seaweed wrap.

Did you know that seaweed contains iodine and iodine speeds up those enzymes in our bodies that help to burn fat? So adding seaweed to your diet is a great help but if you're not a favour of eating seaweed, don't despair, you can instead make up a seaweed body wrap to help shrink your wobbly bits.


1/2 Tablespoon Seaweed Powder

1 Tablespoon Face/Body mask (I love to use a superfood face mask for an extra boost).

Mix the two ingredients together and then apply to your stomach for fifteen minutes. I wrap clingfilm around to assist the iodine from the seaweed in being absorbed through the pores.

Use a couple of times during the week, I normally do Monday/Wednesday/Fridays and you should begin to notice results three weeks into using.

This is also a fantastic mini-home treatment when you're getting ready for Bikini season.

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