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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Angel Numbers are well known to people who love angels, but if you’re not aware of angel numbers, this little angel number post will assist you in being able to recognise that your angels are using angel numbers language to talk to you.

Your angels will often try to get your attention by showing you sequences of numbers. For example, perhaps when you look at your watch or a clock it always seems to be 2:20, or 22 minutes past something. Perhaps you tend to see 5:55, or 3:33. Perhaps you go to buy something and your bill comes to 27:77. Our angels send us recurring numerical combinations like we would send an abbreviated text message to C if U notice their TXT. When you see synchronistic patterns in numbers, your angels are confirming they are with you, that they are working with you to help you and that if you want to, you can use those numbers as a way of connecting with your angels. For example, if you awake at 3:33 in the morning, this may be your angels’ way of telling you it is the perfect time when everything is in alignment for you to connect with the angelic realm.  Why do angels use angel number sequences to communicate with you? Numbers are quick, easy and they hold a vibrational energy frequency that as soon as you see those angel numbers they unlock information your soul has access to. It is a great way for your angels to try and get your attention. So here’s a quick analogy of what your angels may be trying to tell you with these angel numbers: – 1, 11, 111 = You are in the process of working towards something that is important, but for now, your angels want you to know they are working on supporting you, so please be patient. Don’t try to rush anything and be sure to read the small print before you commit to anything. 2, 22, 222 = Things may have been difficult lately but this is a sign your angels are working to help you bring greater balance. Don’t feel you have to choose just one way, or one thing, there may be a way for you to partner with someone and achieve more than you thought. 3, 33, 333 = Your angels are trying to remind you to work with the law of abundance. Make sure you align yourself with joy and use your creativity to design the life you want. 4, 44, 444 = Your angels are asking you to exert self-control and become more grounded. Look at whether the foundations of what you are trying to achieve is strong enough. There may be something missing, so do your research and stick to facts. 5, 55, 555 = Your angels are telling you to be prepared for big changes. This can be a career change, a house move, a financial change, because your soul is calling out to be free of something or someone. 6, 66, 666 = Your angels are calling for you to focus your attention on nurturing yourself, family. It’s time to pay attention to the home, loved ones and self. 7, 77, 777 = Your angels are asking you to work with your intuition. Look at your spiritual path, focus on self-mastery, contemplate, meditate, your spiritual journey is important right now. 8, 88, 888 = Your angels are warning you to ensure you maintain balance right now, as the experiences you are having are karmic in nature and this is the perfect opportunity to clear karmic negative influences in your life. Your angels are supporting you, so be sure to give them permission to intercede on your behalf. 9, 99, 999 = Your angels remind you that life is not linear but cyclical. This is a term when you will experience endings, but also, more importantly, new beginnings too. You are in a stage of transformation, to make this transition go easily don’t get locked up on the minor details and try not to complicate matters, just move into allowing and letting go. Remember your angels communicating to you in numbers is to merely help you stay focused on the important things. Be sure to thank your angels for their angel number message and if you still don’t understand the message, you can always ask them to bring you greater clarity too.

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