What Is My Soul Name? – Channelled Angel Reading

What Is My Soul Name? – Channelled Angel Reading



Before you incarnated your soul chose a name, which would help you enter the right vibration for your soul to achieve its destiny in this lifetime. However, when your soul was created it was given a name that is eternally linked to your soul. This name creates a harmonic vibration that helps you unlock your potential and enables you to reconnect with your inner soul.

By using your soul name as a mantra or speaking your name during prayer, you will be able to unlock the hidden knowledge of who you used to be, who you are and who you are becoming.

What Are The Benefits Of This Reading?

  • Opens up your throat and heart chakras
  • Awakens you up to your soul’s purpose
  • Enables you to access your soul’s wisdom
  • Expands your love vibration
  • Opens your soul’s prophecy gateway  so you can achieve your divine purpose
  • Releases you from old karmic influences
  • Access the power of your soul

Let Jill Harrison trance-channel this information with the help of Archangel Metatron for you and help you discover your soul’s name vibration,  your life lessons and challenges your soul is currently working on in this life.

This channeled angel reading provides you with a certificate of your name and a description of the meaning of your soul name.

To receive your channelled angel reading, please supply me with your birth name and date of birth so that I can access your Akashic Records and read your soul name’s vibration.

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