Sirian Starseed Activation Energy Attunement

Sirian Starseed Activation Energy Attunement

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Do you find yourself drawn or attracted to ancient Egypt and other places of myth and magic?

Do you feel Earth is not your home?

Are you deeply affected by the pain of humanity, animals, plants and Mother Earth?

This starseed activation attunement will reconnect you with your starseed Sirian heritage. It will reactivate your Sirian DNA energies to help you access the higher consciouness of Sirius.

This personal attunement will help you overcome and heal your sense of isolation. It will heal you of the illusion of separateness.

If you are drawn to this energy Sirian energy activation, it is because your soul is trying to help you access specific energy upgrades and guidance to help you with your own spiritual journey. If you have been seeking to find a deeper meaning to your reason for being on Earth at this time, or you are simply wanting to accelerate and expand your own spiritual awareness and take it to higher 5th and 6th dimensional understanding, this Sirian activation energy attunement will help you to play your part in the ascension process of humanity and Mother Earth.

Please note this is a powerful energy activation which heals, aligns and upgrades your own vibrational frequencies by activating and actualising your multi-dimensional 12-Strand DNA. This attunement will clear your lower energy bodies and energy fields to assist you in soul consciousness travel and connection with Sirian cosmic heritage. This attunement is a permanent higher light attunement helping you to step into the frequencies of Soul self-realisation.

Sirians are a race of beings who along with the Arcturians help support planet Earth and her inhabitants. The Sirian race comprises of different tribes, and in particular, some of those tribes played an integral part of helping with the spiritual expansion of Egypt in ancient times.

They also helped to design and construct the Sphinx, which acts as a direct communication portal between the universes. The Sphinx holds sound and light frequencies which help monitor and support human consciousness. The Sphinx has a reciprocal energy link with the Great Pyramid of Egypt and together they have higher energy portals which enables direct communication and a gateway between Sirius and planet Earth.

Some of the common characteristics of Sirians are that they tend to be…

Very focused,
Not keen on change.
Have strong beliefs, values and ideals.
Have a lot of integrity.
Very wary of new people.
Future orientated.
Dislike focusing on the past.
Dislike confrontation or anger
Uninterested or inattentive to trivial details.
Very calm, reserved and quiet.
Deeply connected to earth, nature and animals.
Clairvoyant and see things others are unaware of.
If you decide to select this powerful attunement, once we receive payment a detailed email will be sent to you outlining how you will receive this amazing energy attunement. This is a five-part attunement session. Five separate attunements will be sent to you.


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