Sacred Lotus – Lady Quan Yin Energy Attunement

Sacred Lotus – Lady Quan Yin Energy Attunement


This Ascended Master energy attunement aligns your vibrational frequency to Ascended Master Lady Quan Yin. Experience and align with her to expand your own ability for compassion, healing, and ascended master esoteric knowledge.

Invoking and aligning with this energy attunement will assist you in developing your capacity to acquire a higher vibrational open heart towards generosity, patience and love.


If you are a healer, this attunement will enable Lady Quan Yin to assist you in your healing modalities and expand on your ability to balance your female energies for the greater benefit of all concerned.

This Ascended Master Lady Quan Yin energy attunement consists of SEVEN energy attunements, aligning you with the disciplines of Lady Quan Yin.

Like a lotus flower, Lady Quan Yin asks that we learn to be: – 

  • Generous
  • Disciplined
  • Patient
  • Strong
  • Focused
  • Wise
  • Virtuous

These powerful energy attunements will help you to be free of fear. Learn to radiate love and empowerment into your environment to support help and healing to those who need it. These energy attunements will assist you in healing yourself and others not only one a physical level but also an emotional energy level. Working with Ascended Master Lady Quan Yin will help you tap into the mystical realms of esoteric wisdom and multi-dimensional cosmic love.


How Do I Receive This Energy Attunement?

You will be sent shortly after your order an email with your attunement manual and instructions on how to access your energy healing attunement Chi-ball. We can also provide you with a certificate of completion if you require this for your working practice. Just send us an email when you have completed your email to receive your certificate.

What Are The Benefits of Energy Attunements?

Your energy attunements can help you with: –

  • Rebalancing and charging of your chakra system and meridian lines, thereby enabling you to intuitively connect with spirit
  • Establishes a stronger connection with our Higher Self and your soul group
  • Enables you to perceive energies easier
  • Improves your ability to perceive your guides, angels, ascended masters, Starseed guides and loved ones.
  • Reduces stress and energy imbalances on your energy bodies
  • Accelerates your ascension process
  • Increases your ability to feel at peace with yourself and the world
  • Provides you with spiritual protection and nourishment
  • Increases relaxation and mental alertness
  • Enables you to access higher healing energies for self and others
  • Assists you with your spiritual and personal development.

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