Psychic Tarot Readings – Phone – Skype – Facetime

Psychic Tarot Readings – Phone – Skype – Facetime


Need a psychic intuitive tarot reading?
Are you stuck and need answers?
Get psychic insight and guidance with a Skype or Facetime reading with Jill.


Help is available right now, you don’t have to continue to suffer in silence. Whatever your problem, you can get closure and stop worrying.


Whether you need to know something about your: -


  • Relationship.
  • Employment situation.
  • Family relationship.
  • Financial situation.
  • Business Options.
  • Spiritual Path.


Get answers to your issues or situation. Jill’s psychic tarot readings will help you when you need to understand specific issues, or questions surrounding you, at this moment in time.


You can decide whether to let the tarot cards reveal what you need to know at this time, without asking any questions. Alternatively, you can ask Jill to focus upon a particular area so that you can right to the heart of the matter or if you prefer you can ask specific questions. This ancient tarot reading often brings amazing results and accuracy. Stop your worries, get the answers you need now.


To arrange this reading, just click the buy now button now.


Once we have your order: –


Telephone Readings – Jill will email you to arrange a suitable date and time for your reading

Skype/Facetime Readings – Jill will email you to arrange a suitable date and time for your reading.




* If you require an in-depth reading (up to 1 Hour), please contact us and we will send you a Paypal money request or you can call us to make your payment. An In-depth reading is £75.00

Please note that in-depth readings not only include intuitive interpretation of the cards, Jill will also converse with spirit for further guidance on what you need to know. An in-depth reading includes intuitive interpretation of the cards, at times mediumship from loved ones, clairvoyance and channelled guidance from Jill’s spirit guides or the archangels.



    Please note the appointment time for telephone/skype/facetime readings is 30 minutes unless you have booked an in-depth reading. If you are late for your reading, the time of your reading will be shortened. If you are 15 minutes late, the appointment will be classed as a no-show and your appointment time will be forfeited and you will have to purchase another reading.


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