Pleiadian Soul Healing Light Integration Programme

Pleiadian Soul Healing Light Integration Programme


Experience multi-dimensional healing and accelerate your soul growth, move light years ahead in your soul’s evolution by learning how to work with and connect to the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.

In this particular programme, you will have access to lessons, meditations that help you accelerate your soul’s growth and intuitive abilities.

Experience the fabulous Pleiadian healing energies for soul healing.

This programme covers:-

  • Clearing the Multi-dimensional body – Module 1
  • Multi-Dimensional Soul Fragmentation Retrieval – Module 2
  • Removing starseed energy blocks and implants – Module 3
  • Awakening the multi-dimensional heart – Module 4
  • Multi-dimensional brain clearing and activation – Module 5
  • Multi-dimensional soul light activation and coning – Module 6
  • Multi-Dimensional DNA Soul Healing Module 1 – Module 7
  • Pleiadian 6th Dimensional Soul Light Initiation – Module 8
  • Pleaidian 7th Dimensional Soul Light Initiation – Module 9
  • Pleaidian 12 Dimensional Chakra Linking Initiation – Module 10
  • Multi-dimensional cellular healing and rejuvenation – Module 11
  • Pleiadian Channelling session for communication and guidance – Module 12

This programme offers you the opportunity to self-heal and awaken your multi-dimensional intuitive abilities.

The purpose of this programme is to help you remove lower negative energies which inhibit you from operating as a higher conscious being. We will be looking at how to achieve inner balance and core strength to help you access higher celestial frequencies and knowledge. With techniques on how to heal your physical body and mind and tap into super-consciousness, this programme will help you accelerate you onto the next stage of your spiritual growth.

Each of these modules will enable you to:-

  • Experience life in a tranquil and peaceful state.
  • Feel more balanced.
  • Release stress, worry and negativity.
  • Tap into the spiritual support and guidance that is available from the Starseed Races
  • Receive spiritual attunements and alignments so life becomes easier.
  • Raise your frequencies so you can connect with spirit easier than ever before.

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