This Pleiadian Harmonics Energy attunement is facilitated by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light to upgrade and harmonise your energies so there is a complete energy balance between your: –

  • Ketheric Template
  • Celestial Layer
  • Etheric Template
  • Astral Layer
  • Mental Layer
  • Emotional Layer

thereby enabling your own magnetic resonance to operate at its maximum potential. This particular Pleiadian attunement will stabilise your energy vibrational patterns thereby infusing you with rejuvenating spiritual energy from the Pleiadian crystalline grid and helping you connect with the Pleiadian Emissaries of light. 

This attunement can greatly benefit those who are seeking: – 

  • To awaken to spiritual consciousness on a galactic level
  • To be of greater service to humanity’s ascension process
  • Expansion of their starseed knowledge for personal soul growth
  • Greater soul awareness
  • Absolution of duality and polarity
  • Release from 3D matrix illusions and programming
  • To strengthen and achieve our soul’s blueprint live purpose
  • To experience Divine Cosmic Love


This natural energy healing attunement consists of: – 

  • One distant energy attunement
  • 1 manual in pdf format

Why choose this energy attunement?

All energy attunements offer you an opportunity to access higher vibrational spiritual energies that you may otherwise struggle to access. Energy attunements are merely an energy transfer from one source to another and are particularly useful in significantly accelerating your own vibrational energies or facilitating healing and spiritual development. 

Having an attunement can help to reduce your spiritual development learning time and they offer you an additional tool for your own personal journey into spiritual awakening and healing.  Since the Ancient Mystery Schools, attunements have been an easy way to help students in their development stages. All the attunements we offer are personally done by Jill Harrison who trance-channels these pure energies from the Spiritual Realm.  Each attunement is held in the highest light frequency for the highest benefit of your own soul’s growth.  All attunements come with support in the event you are unsure of how to complete your attunement.

Experience the healing power of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light in this powerful energy attunement.


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