Mother Mary & Her Archangels Divine Heart Healing

Mother Mary & Her Archangels Divine Heart Healing

Connect with Ascended Mother Mary and her Archangels for this special Blue Moon Heavenly Heart Healing guided meditation.


Experience divine quantum healing from the heavenly realms and receive sacred ascension light code activations to help you heal your energy bodies of the ancient wounds of humanity you have absorbed through numerous reincarnations.


In this particular Mother Mary Meditation connect with Mother Mary and her Archangels and experience: - 


  • Heavenly peace so that your inner child wounds are healed

  • Sacred Light Code transmissions to activate your ability to assist humanity in spiritual awakening

  • A connection with the healing power of the Divine Mother

  • Angelic crystalline multi-ray quantum karmic healing

  • The frequency of your divine resonance

  • An alignment with your Higher Self Consciousness

  • Revolutionary keycode transmissions so you understand your purpose in this life

  • A release of old belief systems imprinted onto you during your many reincarnations

  • The blue moon portal for spiritual awakening 

  • Yourself as a spiritual master being of light


What Is The Objective of this Guided Meditation?


To assist you with the awakening of your own divine heart through this divine initiation with Mother Mary and her Archangels.




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