Mother Mary Divine Heart Healing Attunements

Mother Mary Divine Heart Healing Attunements


In this series of life-changing energy attunements, receive the divine blessings of Mother Mary. Experience the healing power of Mother Mary and receive: –

Session 1 – Divine Healing – When you have lost your self-esteem, or lack self-love, this first healing attunement will enable your heart to be healed through the power of the Divine Mother Mary. Mother Mary will align her energies with you so that you can feel her warmth, her loving presence whilst at the same time allowing her energies to completely transform and uplift you. Experience her unconditional love in the beautiful warming attunement.

Session 2 – Divine Inner Peace – Experience true inner peace. In this particular attunement session your own cosmic heart will be awakened and aligned with the cosmic heart so you can tap into and experience total inner peace. This particular session will help to anchor the healing energies from session one into your physical body and enable you to feel more at peace with yourself, others and the world.

Session 3 – Divine Inspiration – During this attunement you will align with Mother Mary for upliftment and inspiration. Utilising this attunement energy, will enable you to gain clarity into your life and your life’s journey. Allow Mother Mary to guide you and inspire you with her wisdom.

Session 4 – Divine Heart Alignment – In this energy attunement you will be aligned and attuned to Mother Mary’s Divine Heart. This attunement awakens your intuition and amplifies your abilities to work with Mother Mary’s and connect to her Angelic Chambers for healing, transformation and soul growth.  Experience waves of Divine Heart Energy from Mother Mary so that you are completely aligned with and always will experience unconditional love.


What happens once I place my order?

Once we received your order, we will pass your details to Jill who will trance-channel your enegry attunement with Mother Mary. When this is complete Jill will email you with full details on how to receive your attunements from Mother Mary.


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