Lemurian Healing Light – Powerful Spiritual Healing

Lemurian Healing Light – Powerful Spiritual Healing


Lemurian Healing is a very powerful spiritual healing method that originated in the Goddess temples of Lemuria. It is a simple way to assist our different energy bodies to heal on a very profound level. Experience 5th Dimensional spiritual healing that is generated from the cosmic heart for transformation so you can experience a higher conscious level of awareness and living.

This particular spiritual healing attunement uses the powerful Lemurian healing energies to focus on healing and clearing your energy fields in: –

  • Your Spiritual Body
  • Your Buddhic Body
  • Your Higher-Mind Body
  • Your Psychological Body
  • Your Astral Body
  • Your Mental Body
  • Your Emotional Body
  • Your Etheric Body
  • Your Physical Body

In this Lemurian Healing attunement, Lemurian universal love and light will be channeled and attuned through every layer of your energy bodies to assist you in clearing and releasing negative imprints and implants which create: –

  • Mental/Emotional Issues
  • An inability to relate with others
  • Resistance to giving or receiving love
  • An inability to love and value self
  • Problems with clarity and purpose
  • Problems with power and boundaries

If you’d like to experience more harmony and happiness within your life, so you can experience joy, embrace blessings and opportunities that help you remove obstacles and create abundance, this ancient spiritual healing attunement will help you become who you were meant to be.

This Lemurian healing attunement is done personally by Jill Harrison who has been a Professional Lemurian Healing Facilitator for over 10 years. She will help you tap into your own strength, courage, and determination on a soul level for greater soul transformation and purpose.

If you feel lost or unable to move forward, this energy attunement can help you uncover and release old stagnant energies that no longer serve you or your life’s purpose.


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