Kabbalah Soul Path Reading – Find Your Life Purpose

Kabbalah Soul Path Reading – Find Your Life Purpose



Life is full of questions. Sometimes it feels as though we’ve been dropped into this reality without a guidebook, forced to navigate our way through muddy terrain. Struggling to find meaning and purpose in the world.

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why am I here?
  • Why is life so hard to handle?
  • What is my purpose on this planet?
  • How can I be more fulfilled?
  • What is it I truly want, and what lessons should I be working on?

These are all valid questions. But they can only be answered by listening to the soul. And when you truly hear what your soul desires, it will positively shift your life into a new wave of meaning, purpose, and fulfilment.

The problem is, however, most of us ignore the soul.

When The Soul Is Ignored, The Body Begins To Speak

Your soul is ancient, eternal, and you are much larger than this lifetime. The deepest parts of your soul have been through several lifetimes already, in different realities, planes, and places.

Your soul has desires. Your soul wants to grow. Your soul wants to learn.

When you don’t listen to it, and you stray from your life’s path, the soul will begin to speak and manifest this in physical form (illness and unhappiness).

The purpose of getting a soul path reading is to confirm if you are on or off of your life’s path and to help you find your true calling. All you need to do is listen.


This reading focuses on spiritually awakening your soul, giving you clarity and strategy to move forward with your life’s purpose. And discover any unseen gifts you’ve been ignoring that can bring you peace and prosperity as you navigate the world.

 Gain insight and awareness into your soul journey

 Tap into your soul’s desires and lessons it must learn in this life

 Understand your strengths and weaknesses

 Learn how to fulfil your life’s purpose

 Discover how to maintain peak health by listening to the soul on every level

 Live a life of abundance, clarity, and joy

A soul path reading can be considered a snapshot of the soul and the lessons it needs to work on in its new life. This life.

A Mystical and Powerful Practice Based on Ancient Wisdom

The Kabbalah is based on the Tree of Life and the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot Cards. The Tree of Life is the DNA of the universe and offers immense insights into awareness, self-knowledge, and illumination of the soul.

This is an ancient, secret doctrine that remained locked away for thousands of years, known only to a select few. But now, this complex system for analyzing the soul has been decrypted.

And it offers all the answers you’ve been seeking for your spiritual awakening.

Break Down Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Barriers For a Life of Fulfillment

And Gain Lifechanging Insights With a Soul Path Reading

Your soul has already chosen life tasks that it wants to ripen. It implicitly wants to achieve this goal. If it does not succeed, the soul makes itself noticeable on the physical level and says: “You’re not listening to what the soul needs!”

It’s likely right now that your soul’s needs and your life path aren’t in sync.

With a Soul Path Reading, I tune into your unique energy field and frequency to bring you a clear picture of what your soul craves. And help align it with your life once more.

Expect 40 – 50 pages of in-depth analysis into your current life situation, tasks and goals, energy flow, and how to optimize it.

 Life’s biggest questions answered

Have you ever had an overwhelming feeling that you’re meant to be doing something, but you can’t quite place what it is? The answer lies in your soul. When you listen, life becomes infinitely more beautiful.

 Forge healthy and intimate relationships

Learn to be loving and understanding, rather than insisting on having your own way. By developing an empathetic and intuitive heart, you’ll create and maintain flourishing relationships that bring you joy.

 Clarity on your career

If you have questions or uncertainty around your career and purpose in the work field, a soul reading will set the record straight. You’ll be filled with an unwavering belief in yourself and learn steps to fulfilment in your professional life.

 Overcome physical and psychological illness

When the soul’s needs are ignored, it can cause imbalance and illness on many different levels. The fastest way to overcome these ailments is to get your life path back in sync with your soul’s needs through a soul path reading.

 Empower yourself with positivity

By understanding your soul, and it’s unique journey over many lifetimes, you’ll understand yourself on every level. Expect radical fulfilment as your purpose becomes clear, and positivity creeps its way into every area of your life.

By harness the collective wisdom of the universe, primal forces of the cosmos and the tree of life, I’ll tap into the recesses and uncover the yearnings of your soul.

So you can understand your purpose and blossom in this life. And the next. 

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