How To Read Angel Cards Master Class

How To Read Angel Cards Master Class


Take Your Angel Readings To The Next Level
Discover what your angels want you to know. When you learn how to read angel cards you open up a world of angel communication. Angels can bring you healing messages, messages of inspiration and spiritual guidance. The fascinating world of angel cards is more than the simple messages you read on cards.

Receiving Divine Messages From the Angelic Realm.
In this on-line training course, we will show you how to awaken your natural intuition so you can talk with the angels and perform angel readings. We will show you how to read angel cards so you can receive specific and detailed information that is pertinent to your questions and needs. Reading angels cards can dramatically improve your quality of life. Tap into the powerful support that is available from the angelic realm.

This amazing master class is given over three modules, this gives you time to practice what you have learnt, so you gain confidence in your abilities as an angel card reader.

The Benefits of the Angel Card Reading Course:
This course has enabled me to feel more confident in my capacity to receive messages and advice from the Angelic realm. The attunement meditation given by Jill as part of this course is a meditation that really helped me to feel a connection with the Angels and to assist in raising my vibration.

The webinars themselves were very practical and informative and Jill made the material come alive with her in-depth explanations and encouragement. Jill’s deep knowledge and experience added so much to the course material, and with her easy-going style of presentation made the course so worthwhile and enjoyable. Even from the very beginning of the course, we were successfully encouraged to bring through intuitive perceptions and answers.

This course has given me a solid grounding in the practical process of reading cards as well as an insightful preview into the many aspects involved including symbology and sacred geometry.

I am delighted that I have taken this course with Jill and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming more in touch with themselves and with the Divine unseen helpers.

Much gratitude for sharing your gifts!
Thank you Jill and the Angels!

Judy Crane – Australia

Module 1 – Discover how to

Recognise your spiritual gifts.
Use your angel cards for personal guidance.
Prepare yourself so you gain accurate information.
Attune yourself and your cards.
Create an angelic symbol dictionary.
Give yourself a daily angel reading.
​Module 2 – Discover how to
Interpret specific angel communication styles.
Gain confidence in reading angel cards.
Give a relationship reading and relate angel cards to relationship issues.
Give a spiritual gift reading.
Gain immediate guidance

Module 3 – Discover how to
Do a life purpose angel card reading and understand a soul’s purpose.
Understand your pets needs.
Different angel reading spreads for different levels of guidance.
Use angel cards for personal development
How to set yourself up as a professional angel card reader.
What you need if you’re going to angel readings and read for others.
On completion of this on-line master class course, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate that you have undergone training and can demonstrate a proficient ability to read angels cards.

The investment fee for this master class course includes:-

3 Instructional Videos with Jill Harrison.
An e-book manual
An angelic attunement audio meditation mp3
This is a wonderful spiritual enlightenment programme which offers you the opportunity to learn in the comfort in your own home.


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