Galactic Council of Light – Soul Essence Divine Alignment Transmissions

Galactic Council of Light – Soul Essence Divine Alignment Transmissions


In these alignment transmissions, the Galactic Council of Light will align and encode into your seven energy bodies and chakras, new higher light frequencies to assist you in manifesting a particular soul vibration virtue.

You can choose any of the following Soul Essence Divine Alignment Transmissions: –

Divine Abundance – Aligns you with the galactic flow of prosperity and abundance. Clears old poverty consciousncess and unworthiness imprints held in your energetic bodies.

Divine Healing – Aligns you with your authentic soul Blueprint to promote cellular and energy healing at macro and microcosmic levels. Resets your energy bodies biofeedback and resonance to a higher frequency and optimum energy levels.

Divine Love – Clears energetic blocks and old paradigm programming that hinders your ability to give and receive love. Aligns and promotes meeting of twin flames and deeper meaningful relationships with others. Heals issues of bonding and trust.

Divine Psychic – Clears energetic imprints and old programming that affects your intuitive and psychic levels. Enhances psychic receptors in your energy fields and promotes clarity of spiritual transmissions.

Divine Serenity – Clears fear, inhibitions and anxiety. Aligns your energy fields to Divine Serenity, thereby assisting you in your process of self-realisation and enlightenment.

These transmissions will assist you in: –

Attaining higher levels of consciousness
Connecting to the Galactic Council of Light for support of your ascension journey
Aligning you with the flow of Divine abundance
Accessing Divine healing on a galactic level
Attracting Divine love and harmony into your life
Acceleration and expansion of your psychic abilities
Tapping into Divine serenity and fulfilment
Fully cleanse you of lower 3D programming and negative energies

This attunement when activated will modify and upgrade your energy fields.

You can select one particular Galactic Council of Light Soul Essence Divine Transmission or select to have all the soul essence alignment transmissions together.

Once you place your order, you will receive full details of how to activate and call in the Galactic council of Light Soul Essence Divine Transmission.


These sessions will accelerate your ascension process, therefore it is important to fully read the information we send to you before you attempt to do your attunements.


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