Etheric Cord Cleansing & Protection Enhancement with Archangel Michael

Etheric Cord Cleansing & Protection Enhancement with Archangel Michael


Experience a powerful and personal etheric cord cleansing and protection enhancement with Archangel Michael. This 1-hour skype/facetime session is held over the internet, at a time to suit you. Jill Harrison will personally channel Archangel Michael and take you through this process so that you are able to remove old energies which hinder you in your ability to evolve and grow.

Do you have difficulties with any of the following: –

  • Experience panic/anxiety attacks
  • Experience constant negativity and feel lost
  • Lack energy/motivation
  • Struggle to trust others
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Have dreams about ex-partners or family members that don’t seem to go away?

During our lifetime we are exposed to negative people, places, situations and even objects which can create negative energy connections. These negative energies affect : –

  • Our physical energy levels
  • Our emotional energy levels
  • Our mental energy levels
  • Our relationship potential
  • Our financial potential
  • Our career potential
  • Our health

During this session you will be taken through a prepatory breathing pattern to assist you in connecting with Archangel MIchael. I will then assist you with Archangel Michael in removing any etheric cords that may be attached to you.

Once this process has taken place, we will request for your aura to be sealed and protected by Archangel Michael so that no further re-attachment of these etheric cords can take place.

Please note that this session is very emotional and transformational. It will have a profound effect upon your life and the karma you have carried. Healing will take place on many levels and your ability on a spiritual level will greatly increase.  During this session you will also be given advice on how to cleanse your home and work environment.

Prior to this session you will be required to ensure that you will be completely undisturbed during these session. Part of this session involves a higher-altered state of awareness, and a disclaimer will be required to be signed before you begin. The disclaimer will be sent to you in plenty of time before your schedule session with Jill.

It is also important that you bathe or shower prior to this session and that you have not partaken of any heavy foods which contain animal products.

Upon booking this session you will be sent a disclaimer form and a selection of dates and times available for you to connect with Jill. If you have any queries about this session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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