Cosmic Consciousness Energy Healing Attunement

Cosmic Consciousness Energy Healing Attunement

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This Cosmic Consciousness Energy Healing Attunement is an exceptionally high energy healing frequency that allows you to connect with the Cosmic Divine Energies for Higher Levels of Cosmic Awareness and full Cosmic Divine Energy Healing to assist you in clearing all ancestral karmic imprints and soul group karmic imprints from your energy bodies.

When you receive this energy healing attunement, your higher dimensional vibrational energy bodies will be increased to enable you to access and experience Starseed Stargates of the higher realms, thereby enabling metaphysical stargate healing energies to imbue you with greater ability to resonate healing energies to yourself and others.

This high energy attunement offers you an opportunity on a human level to experience the oneness with the cosmic higher realms thereby releasing you from the illusion of separation. Allow this attunement to gift you the ability to regain your sense of Oneness with the Divine Creator. 

This energy attunement will imbue your soul, with cosmic conscious understanding of the Higher Realm Divine Creative Source Consciousness which is oneness and Cosmic unity.


How Do I Receive This Attunement?

You will be sent shortly after your order an email with your attunement manual and instructions on how to access your energy healing attunement Chi-ball. We can also provide you with a certificate of completion if you require this for your working practice. Just send us an email when you have completed your email to receive your certificate.

What Are The Benefits of Energy Attunements?

Your energy attunements can help you with: –

  • Rebalancing and charging of your chakra system and meridian lines, thereby enabling you to intuitively connect with spirit
  • Establishes a stronger connection with our Higher Self and your soul group
  • Enables you to perceive energies easier 
  • Improves your ability to perceive your guides, angels and loved ones.
  • Reduces stress and energy imbalances on your energy bodies
  • Accelerates your ascension process
  • Increases your ability to feel at peace with yourself and the world
  • Provides you with spiritual protection and nourishment
  • Increases relaxation and mental alertness
  • Enables you to access higher healing energies for self and others
  • Assists you with your spiritual and personal development.



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