Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

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Regularly chakra cleansing and balancing ensures that you give your body a way to maintain its homeostatis, so that we can heal on all levels. Learn how to keep your chakras balanced. Find inner peace and balance by joining us on this interactive live webinar broadcast.

Why Is Chakra Clearing Important?
Blocked energy within our physical, emotional, spiritual or astral bodies can affect our behaviour, our ability to maintain great relationships, our physical organs and cells. If any of our chakras are blocked or dysfunctional, then we run the risk of being out of balance.

When we’re out of balance, it affects our relationships, our ability to earn money, it affects our career prospects, it affects our ability to choose wisely. All of these affect us, not only mentally and emotionally but physically and spiritually too.

Often we don’t realise our chakra energies aren’t functioning, we just feel stuck, or restricted in some way. Learning to free this blocked energy helps us achieve inner harmony and peace. We think more clearly. We laugh and feel comfortable in our own skin. We develop an appreciation for ourselves, life and everyone around us.

Join us, and experience a little bit of heaven. Experience what it’s like to release negative energy and enter into a state of balance. Help your body to heal itself. You’ll be so glad you joined us.

Spaces limited to just 25 people, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Start Time: 7:30pm (London UK, GMT)
Finish Time: 9:00pm (London UK, GMT)

Please be sure to check your time zone, if you’re outside the UK.


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