Atlantis Ancient Healing Energy Attunement

Atlantis Ancient Healing Energy Attunement

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Experience the healing energies of Atlantis and reawaken your ability to work with the Dolphins of Atlantis in this powerful ancient Atlantis energy attunement

This particular attunement aligns you with the angelic hierarchy that looked after Atlantis and those who experienced life on Atlantis.

This particular attunement will help to reopen your energy bodies vibrations of their full Atlantean consciousness to enable your soul’s journey ascension process to advance to the next level. During this session you will undergo a complete Atlantean healing attunement for all of your seven energy bodies.

During this healing session you will be healed of any karmic trauma you experienced whilst on Atlantis. You will be encoded with dolphin brainwave repatterning to help you reacquaint yourself with the healing power of the dolphins of Atlantis. This will assist you if, sometime in the future, you decide to progress your Atlantean consciousness further with a dolphins of Atlantis attunement.

Reconnect with your Atlantean Soul Self to recover that period in your life when you were able to experience magic, miracles and manifestation of divine will. Atlanteans ofen experienced soul travelling, during your attunement allow your soul to return back to Atlantis for remembrance and healing.


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