Ascended Master Melchizedek Inner Earth Energy Healing – Telos 5D Light Attuneme

Ascended Master Melchizedek Inner Earth Energy Healing – Telos 5D Light Attuneme


Align and attune to the 5D energies of Telos deep beneath the powerful Earth matrix energy portal of Mount Shasta, in California, USA.

Many years ago, I was given the opportunity of reawakening my abilities as a Lemurian Healing Facilitator. I was given the ability during a trance session to see how I worked in Lemuria as a healing facilitator using energy frequencies. I was granted access to the lost knowledge and teachings of my time in Lemuria . I was given the remembrance of how to work with the etheric energies and weave them using Lemurian healing skills to create transitional healing in myself and others.

It is time now for these very ancient powerful healing energies to be brought back into the third dimensional world to assist humanity at this time. With the help of Ascended Master Melchizedek, we will construct an energetic time capsule full of Telos/Lemurian healing energies to assist those who feel drawn to advance their own healing and boost their own healing abilities using ancient traditional energy healing.

During these powerful attunements, Ascended Master Melchizedek will work with you to help you connect and align with the powerful 5D healing energies of Telos. This city of light attune you with the Lemurians so you can heal, transform and radiate the powerful frequency of divine celestial love.

How Will These 5D Light Attunements Benefit Me?

You can use this attunement will help you to: –

Reduce stress and anxiety
Embrace a calm vibration within your energy bodies.
Attune you to the frequency of divine love
Attract love into your life
Purify and cleanse your home, others and self of unloving energies
Enhance your healing abilities
Draw to your the presence of angels
Facilitate your ability to draw down Lemurian healing energies for yourself or others.
Attracting your soul mate

What Does This Inner Earth Energy Healing Attunement Comprise of?
This attunement comprises of: –

1 energy alignment and attunement so you can work with Ascended Master Melchizedek
1 Inner Earth energy attunement to align you to the energies of Inner Earth’s cities of light, particularly Telos deep beneath Mount Shasta in California, USA.
2 Telos 5D healing light energy attunements to clear and heal your energy bodies with Divine Love
2 Lemurian 5D Divine Love crytalline attunements to attune your crystalline energy bodies to the frequency of Divine Love

How Do I Receive This Attunement?

This attunement is sent to you as a distant healing session. Full details of how you can call in your energy attunement will be sent to you upon receipt of your order.


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